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Eligibility criteria to immigrate Germany?

While each program to migrate to Germany has different criteria, there are a few things in common. German immigration officials will typically assess migration applications based on:

Educational Profile

Professional Profile


German language skills

References & legal documentation

Employment documentation

Build a New Life in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s leading destinations for migrate overseas.

Cosmopolitan to the core, along with a high quality of life and stable economy make Germany one of the best countries to live in.

With a high demand for migrants, Germany has opened its doors to individuals with the right skills and talent to give the country a distinctive edge on the global platform.



Build a new life

Work Opportunity

The German government is encouraging immigrants to come and settle in the country to meet this shortage. In fact, the country wants nearly 1 million immigrants in this year and the next so that foreign workers can meet the skill shortage.

Study Opportunity

Studying abroad can help your career open up to multiple possibilities. Employers increasingly prioritize graduates who have foreign experience and education in today’s globalized society.


Invest Opportunity

Many countries offer an Investment or Business Visa to encourage immigrants who have proven experience in running a business and are interested in establishing a business overseas or invest in another country.


Why Germany Jobseeker Visa?

  • Long-Term Residency Permit
  • Ielts & German Language Not Mandatory
  • 2 Million Job Vacancies
  • Get A German Work Permit Within 6 Months
  • Easy Access To High Paid Jobs

To Work in Germany, Get a Germany Jobseeker Visa

Are you looking to land a job in one of the best countries in the world, known for its strong economy and career opportunities? If  yes, Germany immigration  is the best option for you. You can migrate to Germany on a Germany work visa and get a great job experience in your preferred industry sector.

It does take time to find a suitable and promising job in Germany, which is why your first step would be to apply for a Germany jobseeker visa. With it, you can arrive and stay in Germany and look for employment in this industry-rich country.

There are many steps you can take to improve your search for a job in Germany with a Germany jobseeker visa. Here are some tips:

  • Learn the German language and develop all linguistic abilities so that you can find acceptance in many more highly prospective companies.
  • Build a network in Germany with the most productive and resourceful people you can meet. If you have done your studies in Germany, you could start this right from your campus. Otherwise, when you arrive in Germany on a Germany jobseeker visa, armed with a German language fluency, you can meet and network with people whom you know can help you out.
  • Understand what style of CV is expected by German employers and prepare one for yourself in that manner. When you are in Germany on a Germany jobseeker visa, present a CV to companies, that’s simple, sufficiently informative, and concise. It must necessarily have the following information:
    • Your photograph
    • Personal information like nationality, first and last name, marital status, and contact details
    • Education
    • Work experience in reverse chronological order
    • Additional information like certifications, notable achievements, and/or training

Germany is one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to the number of people who look for a well-paid and rewarding occupation. The main sectors that are looking for skilled and talented workers include banking, IT, automotive, tourism, telecoms, and high-tech product manufacture. Ensure that you have the right degree and qualification to apply for jobs in these industries in Germany. If you have them, you will find a high-paying and rewarding job while in Germany on a Germany jobseeker visa.

About Germany Jobseeker Visa

The Basics

  • The Germany Jobseeker Visa is a long-term residency permit in Germany.
  • With the visa, you can stay in Germany for not more than 6 months for the purpose of searching for a job.
  • In case you find a job within the period of validity of the German Jobseeker Visa, you will be granted the Germany work visa or Germany work permit. With a work visa, you can stay in Germany.
Eligibility for Germany Jobseeker Visa

Here are the criteria to meet in order to be eligible for a Germany Jobseeker Visa:

  • You must hold a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree obtained from a university or in or a foreign degree equivalent to it.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field of study related to your qualifications.
  • You must show proof of having enough funds to pay for your stay in Germany while on a Germany Jobseeker Visa.
  • You must have medical/travel insurance for your whole period of stay in Germany or until you obtain your Germany Work Visa/Permit.

Documents Required to Apply for Germany Jobseeker Visa

Here are the documents you need to submit along with the application for a Germany Jobseeker Visa.

  • A valid passport (issued within the past 10 years and valid for a minimum of 12 months after your scheduled return from Germany)
  • 3 passport-size photos based on biometric specifications
  • A copy of the data page of your passport
  • A cover letter with your explanation of your visit’s objective, your plan to find a job, and alternative career plans you have in case you failed to find a job in Germany
  • Your detailed CV
  • Diploma of your degree (or any other academic qualification’s proof issued by a German/non-German university) and any experience certificate of work done previously
  • Proof of your accommodation in Germany
  • Proof of funds to meet the expenses incurred while staying in Germany with a Germany Jobseeker Visa, which include documents like:
    • Bank statement of your account
    • A formal obligation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung) issued by a sponsor living in Germany
    • Blocked bank account statement
  • Proof of your health insurance
  • Proof of personal status in your home country which includes birth certificate, marriage certificate, and others (with English translation where necessary)

Additional documents may be requested by the consular officer after you submit the above-said documents in 2 sets at your VAC (Visa Application Center).

Application Form and End Result

After you have submitted all documents along with the application form filled in full, you will be given an appointment for a visa interview. The officers will scrutinize all details including your interview and decide whether you can be given a Germany Jobseeker Visa.

How Y-Axis Can Help You

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Y-Axis, a renowned immigration consultant in Australia, provides expert counseling services to migrate to Germany from Australia. Our services include: 

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