Moving Overseas

Want to settle with your family in Abroad?

Start a new life in a country that offers you
better opportunities to grow and succeed.
Countries like Canada, Europe and USA are looking for
qualified migrants who can add to their culture
and economy. Y-Axis helps you plan your
migration to the finest details with a dedicated
case manager and the full weight of our
immigration successes.

We provide Private Health cover for all temporary visas.

Why migrate?

  • Higher standard of living

    Live in a first world country that ranks high on all UN HDI parameters.

  • Higher salaries

    Earn a globally competitive salary that helps you live a better qualiy of life.

  • Better healthcare

    Get access to high quality healthcare provided either free or by competent insurance.

  • Better education

    Give your children access to high-quality free education & globally recognized universities.

Our services


Our experienced counselors help you understand your skills and the global opportunities available for you

Eligibility evaluation

Increase your chances of success by identifying which country you have the best chance of migrate to

Visa services

As experienced MARA accredited agents, we assist you at every step of your immigration process

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