Ten best places in the world to migrate abroad to

Ten best places in the world to migrate abroad to

Is immigration your next goal? Are you wondering which country is the best to migrate to with all the skills, experience, and aspirations you have? We understand your thoughts and intend to help you out with some guidance on the best places to migrate abroad.

There are many aspects we know you would consider deciding which country is best for you. The opportunity to work overseas is one major factor. You may even have regional preferences. Getting to live in a multicultural environment is another major advantage to consider. So is the facility to get yourself and your family a resident status and get your kids the opportunity to pursue an education of a high standard.

So, looking at different aspects here we will look at the world’s best places to migrate to and why.


Are you looking for the highest quality of life in a country that has a progressive economy too? Choose Australia. Here are the major reasons Australia immigration is recommended:

  • The country has a very low unemployment rate and has an appeal for qualified and skilled foreign workers. Australia is aggressively welcoming skilled workers from around the world.
  • Except for public service and armed forces, Australia PR visa holders are free to work in any job for any employer.
  • Australia PR visa holders are eligible for the Australian government’s insurance scheme called Medicare.
  • The country has over 30% of its population constituted by immigrants. The cultural diversity of the nation is apparent in the wide variety of establishments like restaurants.
  • The quality of living and the high standards the country maintains in housing (which is affordable) makes it one of the most attractive countries to immigrate to.
  • The country is blessed with natural beauty and greatly backs the scope of outdoor activities.
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The USA is a dream destination for millions of international skilled workers who are eager to immigrate to the country with visa pathways like the H1B to work and settle in the country. Why is the USA one of the best places for international immigrants? Let’s check out these reasons:

  • The high standards of life involve multiple aspects of life including education and jobs.
  • The US has some of the topmost universities in the world. Educational standards are quite high and educational institutions provide courses in a wide range of subjects.
  • The country features excellent job opportunities for qualified and skilled candidates. A large portion of the total visas granted by the country goes to skilled foreigners seeking employment in the USA.
  • American economy is the strongest economy in the world today.


It hardly needs to be said that Canada is the most immigrant-friendly country in the world. The country is highly developed and features an affordable living standard as well as a strong social system nourished by various regional communities of the country.

Here are some of the reasons immigrants across world countries choose Canada immigration:

  • Canada’s most distinct feature is its multicultural society enriched by the presence of immigrants from all over the world.
  • Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world.
  • Canada has a thriving economy and a job market wide open for immigrants to find their opportunities to build a career.
  • When it comes to education, Canada ranks at the top. There are many universities and educational institutions in Canada that are ranked among the top 100 and even top 10s.
  • With the increasing presence of international companies and organizations in Canada, the job market in the country is also expanding. The provinces of Canada have their own typical industries that create employment for immigrants. These provinces invite immigrants in large numbers because it’s a solution for the skill shortages that could plague the regional industries.
  • Once you become a Canada PR visa holder, you can become eligible to apply for public health insurance. The country has a universal healthcare system.
  • Canada has many spots that are naturally spectacular and great for spending time for vacations.
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New Zealand

New Zealand is considered the most prosperous country in the world. There are many reasons New Zealand is an ideal destination to immigrate to. Here are some reasons for this country being considered one of the best countries in the world for immigrants:

  • The most remarkable feature is the stunning natural beauty and a perfectly balanced lifestyle.
  • Apart from being multicultural, the lifestyle in New Zealand is very active, with a lot of significance given to outdoor activities, sports, and adventure.
  • The educational system of New Zealand is among the best in the world. The educational system values achievements based on skills.
  • The healthcare system is subsidized by the government and is either low-cost or free of cost. Treatment for accidents and emergencies is free!


Germany tops the list as the strongest economy in Europe. So, a chance to live and work in Germany will be a great opportunity to plan a prosperous career in your field of work. Moreover, the German life standards are definitely to be desired.

Let’s look at some prominent reasons why Germany migration is highly recommended:

  • If you can put up with the German people’s love for rules and discipline, you will have no trouble getting along with the warm and loveable Germans. Just keep it real and keep your promises.
  • Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact, the country came second in the Corona Safety Ranking! The country has a stable and robust economy as well as a stable society that’s cooperative with and respectful to law enforcement.
  • German companies offer high salaries that will enable you to live comfortably doing full-time/part-time jobs. Even interns get paid a decent wage in German companies.
  • The healthcare system of Germany guarantees access to healthcare to everyone with the small contribution every salaried individual in the country makes.
  • Germany is quite an affordable country as daily expenses like groceries are low. The country has even put a curb on excessive rents charged to tenants during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • You don’t have to worry if you don’t speak German. The major cities of Germany have people with a basic understanding of English. So, communication won’t come to a dead-end. Even schools teach in English. You will definitely find places in Germany where you can learn German.
  • The demand for skilled expats is high and Germany migration for work and settlement are opportunities open to foreigners. The career growth prospects are particularly high for IT and Engineering disciplines.
  • Germany is among the top 5 destinations for studies in the world. German universities offer courses in English. Germany’s education system is famed for its high quality.

United Kingdom

The UK needs no introduction as one of the top destinations people all over the world migrate to for studies, work, and settlement. UK migration is great for some very convincing reasons. Let’s check them out.

  • The UK, especially its cities like London, has a rich multicultural atmosphere.
  • The UK has some of the world’s most highly-ranked universities. These universities offer courses in a range of disciplines that can prepare you for a bright career.
  • Long-term residents in the UK get healthcare (NHS) services for free. The only expense you would have to pay is for your medication.
  • Public schools are free for legal residents.
  • High wages and ample job opportunities make it an attractive plan to work in UK.


The UAE is a land of dreams. Dubai has been created as a dreamland of sorts, not just for the tour, but the country means business. The UAE is inviting expats to migrate to the UAE. Dubai is now gradually building itself into a place that is noted on the international scene as a place with great prospects.

Here are some reasons Dubai can be a great place to migrate to:

  • The social life in Dubai is diverse and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Dubai offers a great dine-out experience.
  • Dubai has high standards of education.
  • Every international corporation has a base in Dubai which makes it a world-class job destination for expats.
  • The crime rate in Dubai is very low and the standard of living is quite high.
  • The government is investing a lot in its public transport system.
  • Dubai is a very tolerant emirate, making it suitable for people from different countries to enjoy their lives there.
  • Salaries are tax-free.
  • The opportunity to migrate to Dubai is now available even more as the government is vigorously promoting its Golden Visa. It allows foreign entrepreneurs and workers to immigrate to Dubai for 5 or 10 years and stay on by further renewing the visa.


Austria is an interesting country to be in. The country is a naturally gifted one with the Alps being the most well-known natural feature of it. There are more reasons to live in Austria than just the possibility of adventurous outdoor sports and the confidence of knowing enough German to survive and thrive in the country.

Here are some major reasons for Austria migration to be so recommended:

  • When it comes to quality of life, though expensive, Austria is counted among the top 10 countries of the world. Vienna has consistently been considered one of the world’s most livable cities.
  • Austria ranks high in human rights, women’s freedom, and press freedom.
  • The country has an extremely efficient public transport system.
  • Education is world-class, pre-schooling, as well as primary and secondary schooling, is free and universal. Hence Austria has a very educated population.
  • Austria’s healthcare is universal and accessible.
  • Austria is a very safe country. The number of major crimes reported annually is often under 100.
  • The country has a rich heritage of art and culture, apparent in its world-class museums, theatres, concerts, and operas. Also, you will often find yourself surrounded by amazing architecture as you travel in the city.
  • There’s scope to indulge in lots of outdoor activities in Austria like mountain climbing, forest hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and swimming in lakes.
  • The access to many European countries including Germany and Switzerland is so close.
  • Even with moderate salaries, with assistance from the government as subsidies for health, education, housing, and transport, you can live comfortably in Austria.


Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia. The amazing growth of Singapore through the decades is awe-inspiring. The country is a hotbed of enterprises in various industrial sectors, providing expats and citizens the opportunity to build their careers and businesses. No wonder why it’s a great idea to migrate to Singapore.

Let’s see some strong reasons for Singapore being such a great place to migrate.

  • Singapore offers a high income to expats.
  • Expats can settle fairly easily in Singapore as the country is known for its cultural diversity.
  • Singapore is among the top innovative countries in the world. The country features a large start-up scene as well as an industry that is very high-tech.
  • Singapore is called the “Green City” for its many highly sustainable building projects. These buildings are very eco-friendly.
  • Singapore has world-class education, healthcare, and safety levels making it especially great for children to grow in.


Spain is a country well-known for its vibrant culture and wonderful lifestyle. Migrating to Spain tells a lot about how much you love to live life as a memorable experience. Let’s see what’s so special about Spain that makes it one of the best places for migrants.

  • Food is great in Spain. There are plenty of food varieties to choose from and it’s often that you find food with no added sugars and freshly baked. These are great for a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can rent spacious houses for very affordable and cheap rates, though you must be ready to spend on your utilities.
  • Spanish people are generally friendly and welcoming. You will find the company of people who want to have a good time as well as a great social life.
  • There are plenty of amazing places to visit in Spain.
  • Spain has a free healthcare system.
  • The general lifestyle in Spain is quite laidback and you will enjoy it if it matches your taste.

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