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Posted on November 09 2021

Why Germany work visa could be the best choice for a great future

By Editor
Updated November 15 2023

If you are thinking of working in the best destination in Europe, choose Germany. Here’s why going for a Germany work visa will serve your career intentions and aspirations best:

  • The German job market is open with 1.2 million vacancies that need skilled workers to fill them. Most of these are suitable for skilled foreign workers.
  • Job openings are there in the following sectors:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • Technology
    • Medicine
    • Mathematics
    • Nursing
  • There’s a shortage of specialist professionals in the fields of:
    • IT
    • Healthcare
    • Mathematics
    • Technology
    • Natural Sciences
  • The German government is well aware that the German labor market has a shortage of skilled professionals in key industrial areas and job roles. This has opened opportunities for foreigners.
  • Germany has an aging population and around 4 million Germans are going to retire by 2025. So, a younger population is required which can be provided by foreign immigrants.
  • Germany has lately simplified regulations on the labor market. This will prove beneficial for skilled foreign candidates who have the necessary academic/vocational qualifications to work in Germany.
  • The new immigration laws in Germany give more opportunities to arrive and work in Germany. Those considered qualified professionals belong to any of these definitions:
    • Those who completed vocational training outside Germany
    • Those who completed vocational training inside Germany
    • Those who possess a university degree which has an equivalent qualification in Germany
  • If you are an international student in Germany, you can now stop your studies and work a full-time job in Germany. There’s also the facility to make a switch from studies to Ausbildung (vocational training).
  • Since a large number of businesses in Germany have switched to digitization and automation, the demand for IT professionals is at its peak.
  • STEM professionals are the most in-demand in Germany. If you are one who has qualified in a STEM subject, you have your opportunity waiting in Germany.
  • Foreigners who look for employment in tech startups or international companies have a greater chance to find work in Germany even if they don’t speak German. Nevertheless, your success as a purely English-speaking professional in Germany depends on factors like:
    • Where you are going to live in Germany
    • Your skills as well as your work experience
    • The industry/job role you are going to work in
  • The following jobs in Germany are the best for those who don’t speak German:
    • Content writing
    • Software developer
    • English tutor/teacher
    • College tutor/professor
    • Digital marketing
    • Systems administrator
    • Social media manager
  • The following German cities have the most English-speaking foreign professionals:
    • Berlin
    • Hamburg
    • Munich
    • Frankfurt
    • Stuttgart
    • Düsseldorf
    • Dresden
    • Cologne
  • The following regions in Germany have the most English-speaking jobs:
    • Bavaria
    • North Rhine-Westphalia
    • Berlin
    • Hesse
    • Hamburg
    • Baden-Würtemberg
  • Germany will need 400,000 new workers every year in the coming years and Germany immigration will be the major source of these skilled workers.

So, how do you feel about working in Germany, the strongest economy in Europe? The time is now to decide to change your future.

If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest, or Migrate to Germany, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company.

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