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Posted on September 13 2022

Steps to apply for German citizenship through naturalization

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Key aspects of German citizenship

  • Foreign nationals who have been living in the country for eight years, will be eligible to apply for German citizenship
  • The fee to get German citizenship is $258.78
  • Individuals above the age of 16 are eligible to apply for citizenship
  • Know the naturalization process to apply for German Citizenship

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Individuals who have been living permanently in Germany will be eligible for naturalization under specific conditions. Whereas, foreign nationals who have been living in the country for the past eight years, will be made eligible to apply for German citizenship.

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German citizenship through naturalization

After a specific period of residing in Germany as a permanent resident, the individuals are eligible to become a citizen which is known as naturalization.

On the other hand, people from foreign countries, living in Germany for the past eight years, will be made eligible to apply for German citizenship.

The fee to get German citizenship is $258.78 for each person. Whereas, the fee for children naturalized along with their parents is $51.76.


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  • Germany to allow international workers to fill staff shortages in new occupations Eligibility requirements to obtain citizenship To be able to independently file the application for citizenship, the foreigner must be at least 16 years old. However, there are certain eligibility requirements to obtain naturalization for which you must;
  • Have lived in the country on a residence permit for a period of eight years or lived for seven years and have taken the integration course, which further becomes six years in terms of measures for special integration.
  • Language Proficiency: Written and oral German language skills at a minimum level of B1
  • Sufficient finances to look after yourself and your family without needing any support from the state Must be a lawful citizen without any criminal record
  • Renounce any citizenship from the past
  • Master a citizenship test

Steps to apply for German Citizenship Naturalization

You can start your application process as soon as you have evidence of meeting the basic requirements of naturalization. Individuals over the age of 16 are eligible to apply for citizenship and the steps to apply for naturalization are mentioned below.

Step-1: Get a naturalization application form

Every area and state in Germany has its immigration offices to apply for citizenship. To start the procedure, it is important to get an application form, from one of the places mentioned below:

  • City council, in case you live in an urban area
  • Regional district office, if you reside in a German district
  • Local immigration office
  • Local authorities or town council

In order to prove that you have met the eligibility requirements, arrange your file with all the necessary documents as soon as you fill out the application form.

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Step-2: Master the German Citizenship Test

It is crucial to passing the German citizenship test, in order to prove that you are eligible to apply for one. There are 33 multiple choice questions in this citizenship test, based on society, living, laws, and rules of Germany.

Questions are also based on the specific place you live within. It takes one hour of time to complete, and you need to answer a minimum of 17 questions correctly, to get through this test. Further, you will get a certificate of naturalization, which can be added to the rest of your documents.

An integration course from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is provided, in order to prepare for the test. You can make use of the options such as practice tests or read through to know more information on the laws and life in Germany.

Step-3: Pay the fees for naturalization

You must pay a certain amount of fees while applying for citizenship in Germany through naturalization. The fees for;

  • The application form for children under the age of 16 is $51.76
  • Application form for adults is $258.78
  • Certificate of citizenship for $25.37
  • Citizenship/naturalization test for $25.37

*To get more updates, follow the Y-Axis blog page..

Step-4: Submit all the requirements

Carry all the necessary documents such as fee receipts, and a certificate of naturalization, to the application office in order to show the evidence that you have met all the eligibility requirements.

You will obtain the certificate of citizenship after the officers look into your case and approve it. This provided certificate proves that you are not just a permanent resident, but officially a citizen of Germany. Planning to Migrate to Germany from Australia? Get guidance from Y-Axis, the leading Overseas Consultant in Australia

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