Germany to allow international workers to fill staff shortages in new occupations

Germany to allow international workers to fill staff shortages in new occupations-1


  • German Authorities to permit entry for workers from other countries to fill in the gaps in labour force in country’s airport.
  • As the COVID restrictions started to get eased, there has been a huge demand for travelling to Germany and many European countries.
  • Many European countries including Germany are facing huge staff shortages, and many flights were cancelled due to inadequate staff.

Interior Transport and Labour Ministers Decision

Many foreign workers to get work permit to support the labour force in German country’s airport. Though this terms to be a temporary solution for the problem for the staff shortage problem, the decision has been considered by the Interior Transport and Labour Ministers.

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The pandemic has caused extreme damage to many industries including the air travel. Many European countries including Germany are currently facing a huge demand for travel and there are staff shortages. It is found difficult to handle the flow of international travellers due to the restrictions posted by governments.

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Most of the European countries withdrawn many COVID restrictions, with which the travellers have been facing huge inconveniences at European airports by facing long queues, and many other similar problems due to inadequate staff.

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The pictures of passengers waiting in long queues during summer holidays at the Dusseldorf airport, Germany by a renowned Newspaper in Germany brought light on the staff shortage

A new Campaign for temporary workers

The German’s Interior, Labour and Transport minister announced a collaborative campaign to bring temporary workers to the Germany from other countries to work at German airports. There was a shortage of around 2000 to 3000 employees at the German’s airports.

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Labour Minister Hubertus Heil says, “The employers have to pay collective wages and must provide decent shelter at least for a limited period. No form of social dumping and exploitation is entertained”.

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The flag carrier of Germany, the Lufthansa also have cancelled nearly 1000 flights in July as they were facing staff shortages.  Around 900 domestic and short distance European flights which were scheduled to depart Frankfurt and Munich were cancelled in July. This cancellation of flights turned out to be five percent of Lufthansa’s average weekend schedule.

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