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Posted on October 10 2022

Start working in Canada within 2 weeks through a GSS visa, from November 16, 2022

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Highlights for working in Canada through GSS visa in 2 weeks

  • Global Skills Strategy (GSS) is a visa that is used by Canadian employers to find the top most highly skilled workers across the globe to work for them.
  • The regular processing time for a GSS visa is two weeks.
  • The primary applicant or the worker who is given priority processing of 2 weeks must obtain LMIA from the employer and have to apply from outside Canada.

Global Skills Strategy (GSS) Visa

GSS is a federal government program where employers search for top talent across the world to work for their company. They expect easy, fast access, and a predictable process to do this. This is where the GSS visa comes into the picture.

To help employers to get highly skilled workers at a fast pace, the Canadian government introduced GSS (Global Skills Strategy). This approach makes the application processing time faster, enhanced customer service, and exemptions in work permits.

International citizens are eligible for this preference processing provided they need to meet all other eligibility and mandatory requirements. These requirements also include police certificates (if needed).

The applicants who are eligible under this must have to submit all the required documents along with the application. If they fail to submit they cannot get the chance for a 2-week processing time.

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Effect of processing times for GSS applications

The number of applications received during travel and health restrictions.

Increase in the number of applications due to the removal of health and travel restrictions.

It might take more than 2-weeks for processing the GSS application. The immigration department is trying to recover from the damage done by COVID-19 and trying to get back to regular processing times.

LMIA (Labour market impact assessment)-exempt workers

Usually the LMIA – exempt workers are qualified for 2-week processing for getting their work permit if they satisfy the following requirements:

If the applicant is applying from outside Canada.

The applicant’s job needs to be either of skill type-0 (managerial) or of skill type-A (professional) of the NOC (National Occupational Classification).

From November 16, 2022, the skill type 0 will be updated to TEER-0 (Training, Education, Experience, and Requirements) and NOC skill type-1 will become TEER-1.

The applicants need to submit according to NOC 2021 levels on any job offer on or after 16 November 2022.

Apart from the above things, the employer needs to submit a document which is called an offer of employment using the Portal; of Employer and pay the compliance fees of the employer.

Workers that require an LMIA

Workers who are in need of an LMIA will be qualified for 2-week processing, only if they satisfy the following requirement

  • They must apply from outside Canada.
  • The job provider possesses an authorized LMIA through the GTS (Global Talent Stream) of the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program). This is called the LMIA decision letter.

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Spouses and dependents

Along with the primary applicant, the workers’ spouse or common-law partner and the children who are dependent are also eligible for 2-week processing of applications. This priority processing applies to the applications for even the following:

  • visitor visa
  • work permit
  • study permit

Provided the spouses, dependent children, and common-law partners also need to submit the complete application and apply during at the time the worker does.

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How to get application processing faster?

The moment the worker has the information and the documents that are supposed to get from the employer, the worker, and their family members need the following:

  • Apply from outside Canada online.
  • Must submit a complete application.
  • Attach Medical exam document if needed.
  • Include the police verification certificates if required.
  • Attach certified translations of documents that are not in French or English.
  • Processing fees receipt.
  • Include biometric results before 2 weeks of application submission if needed.


The applications which are incomplete will not be eligible for GSS and if submitted will take a longer period of time to process.


Two types of workers do not require a work permit for short-term work under this strategy:

  1. Highly skilled workers: The High skilled workers should satisfy the following requirements:

                         Skill Type-0: Executive, Managerial in the NOC 2016

                         Skill Type-A: Professional in the NOC 2016

              From November 16, 2022, NOC 2016 skill types 0 and A is updated to TEER 0 and 1 respectively.

             The applicants need to use the new NOC levels for any job offer hereafter.

             The workers will be working only for one of the following short time periods:

                30 consecutive days for every 6 months

                              30 consecutive days for every 12 months

  1. Researchers: These workers have to meet bothof the following requirements:

These workers execute research at a Canadian, publicly-funded, graduation-granting institution. Or at an affiliated research institution.

They will be working for a period of 120 days in Canada once every 12 months.

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Extending the stay of worker

These workers need to stop working if their exemption ends. To obtain the work permit in Canada again, they will remain with 2 options:

  • Try to apply for a work permit from outside the country
  • Can wait till they gain eligibility again so that they use the short-term work permit exemption

Waiting time between exemptions of work permit

The length of the wait time between the exemptions of work permits depends on the duration of the forthcoming exemption that the worker wants to utilize.

Once the workers use one of the short period exemptions, they must wait for

  • 6-months till they can use a 15-day exemption
  • 12 months till they can use a 30-day or 120-day exemption

Dedicated service channel (DSC)

DSC (Dedicated service channel) is offered to the following:

  • For employers who create significant and notable investments in any place in Canada
  • For the universities who support publicly-funded research holders who are entering Canada

The DSC provides the employers' access to a person who is an account manager and can

  • evaluate the needs of employers
  • Provide solutions to the questions of employers
  • Deliver the employer guidance

For an employer or a job giver, to be eligible for the DSC, then their company has to be identified and referred by at least any of our referral partners. In case, the employer is eligible, then the DSC will get in touch with them.

DSC referral partners


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island




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