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Posted on August 29 2022

Canada has 1 Million job vacancies for over 90 days

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Key aspects of Canada’s 1 Million job vacancies

  • Canada has reached a record high of over 1 million job vacancies in June 2022
  • Job creation has added 88,000 jobs in June 2022
  • The Healthcare And Social Assistance sector has over 149,700 jobs

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The job vacancies in Canada have been over a mark of one-million for a straight three months in June, which is still causing a nightmare for the employers looking to hire workers, benefiting the foreign nationals who are willing to migrate to Canada under the economic programs.

According to the Statistics Canada report from June 2022, the Payroll Employment, Earnings and Hours, and Job Vacancies, there were both more workers in Canadian-paid jobs and employers looking for workers to fill them in the same month.

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Job statistics of Canada

The statistical and demographic services agency, has stated that the job vacancies in June, have increased by 3.2 percent, up to 32,200 jobs, and employers in Canada were constantly recruiting over one million, or precisely 1,037,900 vacant positions for the third consecutive month.

The total amount of labor demand, which is the sum of vacant and filled positions, reached a record high of nearly 17.7 million, up to 1.4 per cent in June 2022, or 238,700 jobs up to 9.4 per cent higher than in May, and 1,526,000 jobs on a year-over-year basis.

Job creation, which added 88,000 jobs in June 2022, was the highest in the service sector and below is the detailed view of the goods and service-producing sectors.

Service Sector

Month Service sector Number of jobs
June, 2022
Educational services 26,400
Accommodation and food services 16,600
Professional, scientific and technical services 8,800
Healthcare and social services 8,400


Public administration was the only service sector to decrease with 3,900 jobs, in the month of Jne 2022.

Goods Sector

Month Goods-producing sector Number of jobs
June, 2022
Construction companies 7,800
Mining, quarrying and oil and gas companies 1,900


Employers from healthcare systems, clinics, hospitals and from other healthcare and social assistance organizations were left confused and scrambling to fill in 149,700 vacant job positions in June 2022. The labor shortages have been resolved a little since then, reaching a record-high in March 2022.


Canada hits a record-low of 5.1% unemployment rate and highest of 1.1 million employment rate in May 2022

500,000 immigrants working in Canada are trained in STEM fields

16 new occupations added to Canada Express Entry NOC list

149,700 jobs under the Healthcare And Social Assistance

Currently, the total number of healthcare and social assistance jobs with an urgent requirement of employees is 43,400 positions, up 40.8 percent, which is considered the highest than it was in June 2021.

Month Healthcare And Social Assistance Sector Number of jobs
June, 2022
Accommodation and food services 171,700 (38.8%)
Retail trade 114,400 (15.3%)


As per Statistics Canada, the jobs in this sector have compared to before and have over 48,000 positions, on a year-over-year basis, and the job vacancy rate in the sector was 12.2 percent, which is twice the average of all sectors.

Since the Canadian economy is returning to its former form, Canada is desperately in need of workers and is constantly looking to hire workers.

The job vacancies were 22.5 per cent, up 21,000 positions, higher than in June 2021, and the job vacancy rate was 5.4 per cent under the retail trade.

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Job vacancies meets the unemployed individuals in Canada

The federal agency stated that, labor shortages could only be reduced if every single unemployed individual in Canada were promised a job across the country.

The unemployment-to-job-vacancy ratio reached a record low of one in June 2022 nationally with one unemployed person for each vacant job position, and the ratio was 1.9 in June 2021.

Although the unemployed workers are often not in the same province, there is an imbalance between their particular experience and skills which are required by employers.

In Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the labor market is particularly strict with simply insufficient unemployed individuals to fill the available jobs, even if every unemployed person there had the skills and experience for those jobs and landed a position.

Employers who are willing to hire a foreign national, can avail themselves of this international talent and labour through the two programs mentioned below:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
  • The International Mobility Program (IMP)
  • The Global Talent Stream (GTS), which is a part of the TFWP

The employers can also invite foreign nationals to fill up the available job positions through the Express Entry system, which receives immigration applications online.

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Canada is working on a new fast-track immigration program for foreign workers

Applicants who meet eligibility criteria submit an online profile known as an Expression of Interest (EOI), under one of three federal immigration programs or a participating provincial immigration program, to the Express Entry Pool.

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The candidates' profiles then are ranked against each other according to a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The highest-ranked candidates are considered for Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Those receiving an ITA must quickly submit a full application and pay processing fees within a delay of 90 days.

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