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Posted on September 08 2022

180,000 applicants exempted from medical exams in Canada

By  Editor
Updated October 26 2023

Key aspects: Immigration candidates exempted from medical exams in Canada

  • Canada is set to adopt new measures to reinforce the immigration system, by modernizing the technology
  • The country will increase immigration with 1,250 employees and fully digitalize the online processing system of IRCC
  • IRCC has started to conduct video and telephone interviews with the applicants and sponsors
  • The IRCC is set to implement 100 percent digitalization of applications for the programs under the permanent residence from September 23, 2022
  • 4 million application backlogs were recorded from July 31, 2022
  • 4 million of those applications were listed under the category of temporary residence

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Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada is excluding the requirement of medical exams for 180,000 temporary and permanent residence applicants. This is relevant to the applicants who are already living in Canada, provided they must fulfil certain standards.

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2 measures to fast-track application procedure

Sean Fraser has stated, “our country is looking forward to adapting new measures to reinforce the immigration system. By modernizing our technology, these measures are said to have a positive impact on the individuals and clients living in Canada.”

“Since immigration is all about people, beginning a new life in Canada by starting a new job or reconciling with family is the primary prospect of calling it a home country.”

Canada has taken two measures to fast-track the application process by:

  • Increasing immigration by 1,250 employees
  • Fully digitalizing the online processing system of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

The officials from Canadian immigration are constantly proving their achievements from 2021, as the opposition politicians have criticized IRCC for its high number of application backlogs.

The immigration department has stated that “IRCC has started to conduct video and telephone interviews with the applicants and sponsors, in order to speed up the application procedure of family reunification.”


The new TR to PR permanent pathway to help Canada immigration

Canada hits a record-low of 5.1% unemployment rate and highest of 1.1 million employment rate in May 2022

Canada’s introduces 5 new measures for stronger immigration system

Canada is working on a new fast-track immigration program for foreign workers

“In 2021, the immigration department has invited over 69,000 partners, children, and spouses, despite the public health challenges. We have now come back with a 12-month service standard for new spousal sponsorship applications.”

Starting from September 23, 2022, the IRCC is set to implement 100 percent digitalization of applications for the programs under the permanent residence. Those who require accommodations will be provided with alternate formats.

2.4 million application backlogs from July 31, 2022

The IRCC website makes monthly updates on the total number of applications present in the immigration system. Immigration officials have seen a rough figure of 2.4 million applications, as on July 31, 2022. In the same update from July, the IRCC recorded 1.3 million applications that were beyond the standard of service.

1.4 million of those applications were listed under the category of temporary residence, at 41 percent which was less than half and was within the standard of service.

For the applications under the category of permanent residence, 639,500 were recorded at 47 percent within the standard of service and Canadian citizenship had around 379,000 applications.


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IRCC to resume FSWP and CEC invitations in July and offer open work permit to PGWP holders

Stuart Isherwood, an IRCC spokesman has mentioned, “the IRCC is taking a step forward towards centralized, modernized, and integrated working environment to in order to fast-track the application processing, all across the world.”

“As a part of the Immigration levels plan, Canada is set to improve the settlement and processing of new permanent residents. Over the last 5 years, the government has invested $2.1 billion and $317.6 million which is presently under the ongoing new funding, in Budget 2022.”

New funding of $85 million to reduce backlogs

Canada is relentlessly striving towards decreasing the application backlogs that piled up during the pandemic.

The $85 million funding, primarily helps improve the work that has been accomplished to reduce waiting periods, such as;

·         Digitizing applications

·         Hiring new processing staff

·         Implementing technology-based solutions (advanced analytics and digital intake)

Canadian immigration officials are finding ways to ease the trouble of wait times by giving more information and updates about their application status.

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New application status tracker

In February 2022, the IRCC introduced a new application status tracker to help know their application status online, by allowing;

  • Permanent residence applicants
  • Sponsors
  • Representatives in the categories of partner, dependent child, and spouse

*For further updates, follow the Y-Axis blog page

The IRCC has said, “We will extend the online application status tracker, which will include seven more temporary and permanent residence programs. We have launched a status tracker for citizenship applications especially for the client in May 2021, which is said to expand to provide access to the representatives, in September 2022.”

In September 2022, the immigration department will begin introducing advanced measures on the time taken to process the applications.

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