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Posted on September 25 2021

Receiving Canada PR without a job offer in 2022 - What you should know

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023

Do you think that you will need a job to move to Canada in 2022? That’s far from the fact. In fact, you can move to Canada even without a job offer. Let’s see how.

Canada gives you new and exciting options to migrate to Canada if you are seeking better living and working conditions as an expat. Moreover, if you think that Canada has better avenues that can reward your skills, qualifications, and talents, you are welcome to try to migrate to Canada.

The best part is that Canada offers a few Canada immigration programs to come to the country even without you being offered a job in the country. These programs let you apply for Canada PR without having to land a job first.

An overview

Are you a skilled worker? If yes, that gives you the opportunity to attempt Canada PR. In Canada, the range of career opportunities is wide across many industries from healthcare and hospitality to finance and Information Technology.

There are many immigration streams that come to your aid. Take the Federal Skilled Worker stream for instance. To attempt to migrate to Canada under this stream only require you to have the appropriate knowledge and experience in any one of the many disciplines Canada’s job market features.

When you try to immigrate to Canada, an evaluation of your abilities will be done and Canada’s points-based system will rank you for the credentials you submit. If you are fit for occupations listed as the qualified ones by Canada, it will be an added advantage for you when you meet other requirements for eligibility. Then, even without a job offer, you can get invited to apply for Canada PR through federal immigration draws.

Another way to apply for Canada PR presents to you is if you are doing/have done a Ph.D. from a Canadian institution.

Then there’s the Federal Skilled Trades category for skilled foreign workers. This stream is meant for those who are into trades and are either from overseas or employed in Canada.

Ways to immigrate to Canada without a job offer

The Express Entry System

The first step in applying for Canada PR through Express Entry is to assess your eligibility to immigrate to Canada. Create a profile in the Express Entry pool by giving all your details and submitting all documents required. Once you are in the pool of Express Entry candidates, you can apply for any one of these programs: FSTP, FSWP, or CEC.

If you qualify for one of these programs by virtue of your CRS score, where you will be in competition with other skilled professionals, you will stand a chance to receive an ITA for Canada PR. This is possible only if you come on the top of the CRS ranking scale.

The PNP system

For those who are wondering when they could get their break on a competitive stage like Express Entry, there’s another pathway known as PNP. The PNP system is on the lookout for skilled foreign candidates in the Express Entry pool with specific professional skills that suits a province’s labor market requirements.

If, for example, you are a skilled IT professional with a profile in the Express Entry pool, you could be noticed by BC PNP and be invited to apply for a provincial nomination. If you accept it, you will be awarded 600 CRS points which will bring you up in the tally of candidates who can now get the chance to apply for Canada PR for sure; even without a job offer.

When it comes to provinces, there will be a demand for in-demand/critical skills for which you will find much bigger opportunities if you have any of those skills. International graduates who study at a Canadian post-secondary institution also get a shot at Canada PR if they are willing to live and work in a particular province.

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

ITA – Invitation to Apply

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSTP – Federal Skill Trades Program

CEC – Canadian Experience Class


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