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Posted on September 26 2022

PTE Academic vs. PTE General

By Editor
Updated June 07 2023


Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the essential English language tests which is used for evaluating non-English speaking individuals’ language proficiency who are planning to either study or get settled abroad.

PTE test is divided into PTE Academic and PTE General. The PTE Academic version is used to students' English language proficiency to study overseas and the PTE General is used to test the candidates’ language proficiency who are interested to work abroad or getting settled there.

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Differences between PTE Academic and PTE General

PTE Academic PTE General
Test Process for PTE Academic As mentioned above, PTE is exclusively designed for students who are planning to study overseas which are English-speaking countries. The Universities in these countries require proof of English proficiency to make sure that the students are in a position to understand and access the study materials which are in English and also to unveil their communication skills. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and some other countries universities specifically refer to the PTE test for the admission process. If the students clear this exam will increase their chances at world-class universities.
Test Process for PTE General As mentioned before, the PTE General test provides evidence of individuals' English language proficiency for both work and education purposes. The PTE General is more acceptable by non-English speaking European nations. The entire test comprises six levels, which are in the link with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This is a theme-based exam to authenticate an individual’s communication and vocabulary skills. Universities across the globe accept PTE general admissions.
Purpose of Exam PTE academic exam can be taken up by the test takers who are willing to take admitted to a university or move to an English-speaking country.
Purpose of Exam PTE general is for test takers who are willing to evaluate their expertise in the English language.
When can you write both Exams? PTE Academic is much better and had an additional advantage over PTE general on the grounds of test dates. The PTE Academic exam is for individuals who have no time to take out from writing the test in their hectic schedules. The test dates are made available throughout the year. You will get ample time to prepare as there is no time limitation for your preparation. Individuals can write the test according to their choice.
When can you write both Exams? The PTE General exam is available for individuals for only three slots in a year. These slots are in May, June, and December. For individuals who do not have time limitations, then PTE General is the right option for you.
Validity of Test: The PTE Academic test is valid for two years. After two years, if you have not used the test results for an institution or university, then the test results will no longer be valid. So, you have to be clear on the time frame to write the test and the procedures and the processes to be involved for your admission to a university.
Validity of Test: Unlike the PTE Academic, overall PTE General test results are valid forever. If you take the test once, you can remain calm without tension as there is no need to retake the test. Irrespective of the time duration, an individual can use these proof of PTE General results for admissions. If you are not sure about your travel plans, but yet you need an English proficiency test, then this could be the right test for you.
Test dates for PTE Academic: The test dates for PTE Academic are available almost all around the year. This is a major advantage of the test. On top of that, there are multiple centers available across the globe. This super convenience of the test will make you anytime between your work and study schedules.
Test Dates for PTE General: The PTE General test dates are not as readily available as you wish. There are only three exam time slots in May, June, and December. You need to prepare well and book your test slot in advance. Do not get let your morale go down by this. This just means that you just need to be more organized with your time.
Registration of the Test Academic: To give the PTE Academic Test, one can either register online on the official Pearson website. Or can take help from Y-Axis PTE training experts
Registration of the Test General: To write the PTE General test, one can either register online using the Edexcel Online system or take help from PTE training professionals of Y-Axis.
Test Format for PTE Academic: PTE Academic test format has 4-modules: 1. Reading, 2. Listening, 3. Speaking, 4. Writing. PTE Academic is a computerized test that needs a microphone. The mic will help in evaluating the sections like speaking & listening. The scores that are attained are displayed by the computer-algorithms that have been designed using 1000+ human-marked tests. The PTE Academic test is just a level-1 only.
Test Format for PTE General PTE General test format is not computer-based and is a little different. This test format of PTE General is in two sections: 1. An interview 2. A written paper. The Written paper section includes Reading, Listening modules. There are 6-levels to the test, which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels. An individual can begin the test from level 1. And slowly can move to an advanced English proficiency level.
PTE Academic Test Duration: The PTE Academic test duration is for 3 hours.
PTE General Test Duration: The time duration for the PTE General exam is based on the test level that you are given. Besides the test level, the minimum time duration for the test is 90 minutes, and the maximum time limit for the test is 3 hours.
Score Validity: The test results or scores are valid for only two years starting from the date of the result.
Score Validity: The PTE General test results or scores do not have any expiry date. It is valid forever. Once you have written the test, you will have the benefit of moving abroad anytime even if you are still not sure when to go or the dates.

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