Can I prepare for PTE Test at home

Can I prepare for PTE Test at home

Pearson PLC group launched PTE Test at home during the covid pandemic. PTE full form is the Pearson Test of English. This is an English test for the applicant to study abroad and use English as their primary communication. It is a computer-based English test and is accepted by many universities worldwide.

This test score is used by the applicants who desire to study abroad and the applicant who wants to immigrate to an English-speaking country.

For writing a PTE test, one should pay 14700 INR inclusive of taxes to book a slot.

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PTE Test Format : PTE English Test comprises three parts

Section Duration in Minutes Type of Questions
Speaking 20-25 Personal intro

Repeat the sentences

Short question & answers

Describe image in short

Read loud

Writing 30-40 Write an essay

Summarizing the test

Reading 29-30 Multiple choice questions

Re phrase the paragraph

Fill in the blanks

Listening 30-43 Summarize the spoken test

Multiple choice

Fill in the blanks

Incorrect words


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Following are the factors to refer to before preparing at home for PTE Test:

  1. Define your target score: Understanding the current English proficiency level, practically determining the PTE score that you want to achieve. And prepare a study plan to get your desired score.
  2. Time to be spent on studying: Always Draft a study plan depending on the time you have to submit the documentation or deadline. Understanding time management is more important for preparation. Spending time on to study on a daily basis will give you a better result.

            It is recommended to spend at least 1.5 hours to 3 hours studying every day,

            at least 4-5 days a week.

  1. Get online coaching from professionals: the pandemic has made us learn everything online, becoming the easiest way to study. Learn from the best educationalists/professionals who teach online by sitting at home.
  1. Understand how scores are given: The PTE scores are assessed based on precision, response quality, and formal aspects.
  2. Analyze the skills you are tested: Basically, the PTE exam is tested on one or multi-communicative skills.

The four skills that need to be concentrated more before you take the test-

  • Grammar is something you need to focus more throughout the test PTE. Use the correct preposition, article, and tenses for a sentence. Re-study by taking the feedback and improving grammar skills.
  • Vocab skills are needed to score well in PTE, especially for the writing section. Always avoid repetition of words.
  • Pronunciation of words and sentences can lead you to give a good score. Improve the pronunciation and avoid fake accents. Always speak slowly and clearly.
  • Note down the keywords whenever you think necessary, and try using them in your sentences.
  1. Prioritize your test sections: When you have less time to prepare for the PTE test, give more time to the speaking and listening sections. This will help in scoring well.
  1. Attempt a mock test: attempt a mock test at least 7-10 days before understanding the standards and levels.

 Tips to follow before you write the test 

  1. Write as many mock tests as you can
  2. Keep an error log
  3. Know the pattern of questions
  4. Plan the actual and mock tests properly to get a good score
  5. Focus on the subject matter and prepare with suitable study materials
  6. Always plan to take the test at least twice

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