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Posted on April 29 2022

Tips to score 90 in PTE Test

By  Editor
Updated November 14 2023


PTE is a computer-based English test that can be written worldwide, even sitting at home.

These PTE scores are accepted by many top universities from various countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand.

PTE widely differs from the type of questionnaire asked, time allotment, and scoring system.

The 3 hours PTE test needs special preparation.

Many say scoring 90 is an unreachable task as it is the maximum score one can get. But it is not impossible.

With the proper guidance and preparation, many candidates do score the maximum number, ‘90’.

Regular learning and thorough practice will lead you to achieve the top score to attain this score.

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Keep in touch with the English language

Always depend on good study material.

  • Invest in books, international magazines, and educational and informative channels.
  • This helps in constructing proper sentences.
  • Refine communication skills and understand different accents
  • Know the accent of a native speaker.
  • Revamp your pronunciation.

Prepare a list of words

  Always prepare a list of words that help and elevate your writing skill.

  • Try using those words in your practice while writing.
  • Know the spellings and meanings of the words and understand their usage.
  • Using the right describing words for the images, like illustrating, will improve writing.


Analyze the format and the pattern of the test to answer and level of questions:

  • Set a priority for the sections based on the score allotted to them
  • The top score sections are Dictation, Repeat sentence, and multiple-choice questions
  • Attempting all the questions from these high score sections without any error can give me 70+
  • By working on the remaining sections can get a score of 90+

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SWOT Technique    

  • Planning to study PTE needs rigorous preparation and concentration.
  • Entertainment is the new medium of learning. Listening to music and podcasts, book reading, and watching will help me excel in the language.
  • Applying SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis will help you analyze your skills.
  • Prepare a plan that will work on your weaknesses and threats by giving strengths and opportunities.
  • Using proper phrases and idioms will make learning easy.
  • Practice can make everyone perfect.
  • Relying simply on your skills does not help you score well in PTE.
  • Practice makes me understand the pattern, thought process, and speed of solving the questions.
  • This will help quickly to score 90+.
No time for distractions
  • Staying in the moment will lead to no distractions.
  • When you are writing PTE, never give scope for distractions.
  • Be cautious of timelines and word limits.
  • One distraction and negligence can affect your scoreboard.
  • The common mistake is making errors, but to score 90 in PTE cannot be afforded.
  • Such errors can low down your score.
  • Rectifying and controlling the errors will do wonders to your 90+ scores.
  • Before submitting the test, proofread to avoid silly mistakes.
  • Experts say that giving at least 5-10% of your time to proofread before you submit the writing section will fetch you a 90+ score in PTE.
Erase the scratch
  • Before writing the essay, note down the points you wish to write in the essay.
  • Do not think it is a time waste; it actually gives an idea of pints to cover.
  • It cautions you of the word limit and adds what is needed to score high points.
Be an expert in skimming            
  • Before reading a paragraph thoroughly, skimming helps to score high in the reading section.
  • Spot the keywords and highlight them.
  • The skimming strategy is the most uncomplicated technique that helps you to answer One-liners, summaries, and Objective questions to solve quickly.

Summarize in one-line

  • Summarize the written text in one line with a word limit of 75 words.
  • Do not take more than 10 minutes to summarize the 75-word limit.
  • This type of question helps you understand appropriate commas and apostrophes. And semicolons.
Section Type of questionnaire
Speaking Repeat sentence Read aloud Retell Lecture Short Q&A Describe Image
Writing Essay Summarize the text
Listening Fill in the blanks Multiple choice Single/Multiple Answers Dictation and missing words Spot the correct and in correct words
Reading Re arrange the paragraphs Fill in the blanks Multiple choice Single / Multiple answers


Pro Tips

  1. Practicing skimming can help you save you, which can be well spent with other questions, for at least 10 seconds per question.
  2. Always have some space in your study plan for previous papers. Set a target to solve in a period.
  3. Siri can help you win the speaking skills by asking it to read a text and make a note of the tone and stress given on each verb and noun. Repeat it like Siri.
  4. When you are confident about your practice, attempt a mock test to analyze your skills and improve your performance.
  5. Always try to attempt at least 2-3 mock tests for a week and note your progress. Don’t forget to concentrate on your weaker areas.

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