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Posted on November 18 2021

Jobs outlook 2022 – Plan your career, work in UK

By  Editor
Updated October 18 2023

Are you interested to work in UK? Do you want to learn what to expect for the jobs in your area of expertise in the UK in 2022? Here we are to give you a jobs outlook for occupations in various job sectors in the UK in 2022.

Looking at the economic recovery of the UK post-COVID, it could be said that the resurgence will be more gradual than rapid. UK economy will realign itself in a post–COVID world and even a new nature of economy may be witnessed developing well past 2022. The UK skilled migration is poised to go up to match and exceed pre-pandemic levels in the days to come.

There are labor shortages in the country that are primarily sector-specific. Hence employers in many sectors have come up with wage hikes that could benefit skilled migrants joining them with a UK work visa.

IT & Software

If you are going to look for jobs in the UK in 2022, software development skills are going to be invaluably handy. It will make you future-proof in the UK tech world, no matter you are going to work in a web development company or an in-house team for a business.

The average annual salary of IT professionals in the UK is around £42,000.


Plenty of UK companies are looking for skilled engineers overseas who are experienced in their field of work. In 2022 there will especially be high demand for engineers with mechanical engineering skills.

The average annual salary of Engineers in the UK is around £40,000.


In 2022, the finance and banking sectors are expected to serve themselves more on the technological transformation side. This will create jobs in the finance sector for young educated overseas professionals who can contribute more with fintech knowledge. They will be greatly resourceful, especially for banking institutions whose business models are evolving to bring about an increasingly collaborative and open approach over digital platforms.

The average annual salary of finance professionals in the UK is around £35,000.


In the new work culture that will emerge in 2022, remote and hybrid work will take over. HR professionals who are skilled in the new digital form of HR operations featuring the optimal utilization of digital technologies will get an edge in the UK labor market.

The average annual salary of HR professionals in the UK is around $31,000.


It’s expected that in 2022, above 70% of occupancy levels recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic will be achieved in the UK. The growth will be gradual and dependent on the speed and size of the return of the UK’s tourism industry. Surveys indicate that there will be a considerable increase in the number of tourists arriving on holidays on a UK tourist visa in 2022. This raises the prospect of increased hiring in hospitality establishments like hotels.

The average annual salary of hospitality professionals in the UK is around £28,000.


The job prospects for healthcare workers will be on a high in 2022. Occupations like nurses will have tremendous demand. Healthcare, as well as healthcare support occupations, could grow to around 30% in 2022.

The average annual salary of healthcare professionals in the UK is around £44,000.

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