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Posted on March 02 2023

IRCC says, 'Canada visit visa holders can work in Canada, if they have a valid job offer'

By  Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights: Work in Canada with Visit Visa

  • IRCC has announced that international individuals can work in the country with a Canada visit visa.
  • They should have a valid job offer in Canada.
  • This policy will be effective till February 28, 2025.
  • International individuals can apply for a Canadian work permit.
  • The candidate should have a favorable LMIA report.

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Abstract: International individuals coming to Canada on a visit visa can apply for a work permit if they have a valid job offer.

The Canadian immigration authority IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has announced new rules for international individuals coming to Canada to work in the country. They are required to have a valid job offer in Canada.

Consequently, international individuals can apply for a Canadian work permit. It helps in addressing the workforce shortage in Maple Leaf Country. As per the StatCan reports Canada added 150,000 new jobs in January 2023.

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How can one work in Canada with a visit visa?

International individuals with Canada visit visas can work in the country if they receive a valid job offer. They can also apply for a work permit. The eligibility criteria for this policy are given below:

  • Have valid status as a visitor in Canada on the day they apply.
  • Have a valid job offer with a neutral or positive LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment report or an LMIA-exempt job offer.
  • Submit a work permit application for an employer-specific job before February 28, 2025
  • Meet other standard eligibility criteria.

A valid job offer can be defined as a full-time written employment offer that is non-seasonal. The job offer should be of 1 year or more if the candidate wants to gain the status of Canada PR.

The policy was introduced to address workforce shortages during the pandemic travel restrictions, preventing international travel.

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What is an LMIA?

The candidate should have a neutral or positive LMIA report from Employment and Social Development Canada, or the job offer should be LMIA-exempt for work with the visit visa.

An LMIA is an application that the Canada-based employer submits to the ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada to assess if hiring international professionals will have a neutral, positive, or negative influence on the economy of Canada.

Foreign nationals in Canada with a visitor status and a valid work permit in the last 12 months can apply for interim work authorization to begin working for the new employer before the work permit application is decided.

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High number of job vacancies in Canada

Canada hopes to fill job vacancies. According to StatCan reports, it added 150,000 new jobs in January 2023.  The unemployment rate in Canada was 5% on January 2023, which is a record-low figure. Multiple primary sectors in Canada require more employees to fill in-demand job roles.

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