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Posted on February 06 2023

Enhanced PNP vs. Base PNP. Which one to choose?

By Editor
Updated November 01 2023

Highlights: Enhanced PNP vs. Base PNP

  • Provincial Nominee Program is of the popular pathways to migrate to Canada.
  • Each province and territory of Canada has its individualized PNP requirements.
  • In Base nominations, the existing PNP procedure is applicable.
  • Express Entry facilitates enhanced nominations in the PNP.
  • Base PNPs have a manual process, whereas the Enhanced nominations are processed online.

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The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program facilitates provinces and territories to nominate international individuals to immigrate to Canada and settle in a specific province.

The primary aim of the PNP is to amplify the benefits of immigration across Canada. Since 1998, when the PNP was introduced, Canada has witnessed the effective distribution of immigration in the country. The Prairie and the Atlantic provinces had more success in attracting immigrants due to the PNP. The provinces include:

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

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What should you know about Enhanced PNP vs. Base PNP?

The PT or Provincial and territorial nominations filed through the existing manual process are termed "base nominations." These applications for nomination are conducted outside the Express Entry system and follow the current streams and processing procedure of PNP.

PT nominations filed under Express Entry are termed "enhanced nominations." It enables each province or territory to expand its annual nominations. These types of nominations are processed online and have a processing time of six-month or less.

PTs can convert base nominations into enhanced nominations once annually. The process is managed by IRCC National Headquarters' Strategic Policy Branch.

The summary of the difference between Enhanced PNPs and Base PNP is given in the table below:

Enhanced PNP vs Base PNP
Enhanced PNP Base PNP
The Enhanced nomination is done through the Express Entry program. The Base PNP is done through the Non-Express entry program.
The candidates get an additional 600 points in The candidates do not get the additional 600 points

To know more about the differences between the two PNPs, read further.

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What is Enhanced Provincial Nomination?

Most provinces and territories of Canada are able to nominate a specific number of international individuals through the Express Entry system to address the local and provincial workforce requirements. These allotments by the PNPs are termed "enhanced" nominations.

Candidates in the pool of Express Entry who were nominated from the province are awarded 600 points in the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System out of 1,200. When the additional points are added to the applicant's profile for skills transferability and human capital points, it results in an ITA or Invitation to Apply for Canada PR or permanent residence. The candidates are issued to the candidates during the Express Entry draws.

International individuals are eligible to enter the Express Entry pool depending on the province or territory. They can either:

  • Apply for the Express Entry pool first and be nominated by the province or territory consequently.
  • Or, be nominated by the province or territory before applying online in the Express Entry system and registering for the Express Entry pool.

The candidates are required to be registered in the pool before applying for the enhanced provincial nominations.

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What is Base Provincial Nomination?

Provinces and territories of Canada have the authority to make regular or "base" nominations for PNP streams that are outside the Express Entry system. These types of nominations are subject to certain PNP stream regulations and processing standards. The candidate who is issued the base nomination from a specific province is not awarded the additional 600 points in the CRS.

International individuals who want to migrate to Canada, but do not fulfill the eligibility requirement for the Express Entry pool, can still immigrate to Canada under a base PNP stream as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for the specific PNP.

The applications of the candidates who receive base nominations are processed outside the Express Entry system.

The procedure of being issued permanent residence through a base nomination is a two-step process. They are:

  • International individuals must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the PNP stream, apply, and be granted a nomination certificate.
  • After the certificate has been issued, candidates can apply to the Canadian federal government for mandatory medical and security verification before being granted the Canada PR visa.

Know more about the NOC 2021 transition

ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada implemented the 2021 version of the NOC or National Occupational Classification. It replaced the 2016 NOC on November 16, 2022.

The PNP applications that were registered by the provinces and territories on or before November 15, 2022, will be processed by IRCC under the NOC 2016 regulations for the nomination certificate. The applications for PNP that were received by the provinces and territories on or after November 16, 2022, will be processed by IRCC under the NOC 2021 regulations for nominations.

The Canadian authorities must evaluate the application on the basis of the NOC code listed on the nomination certificate. All the applicants who submitted their profile in the Express Entry system before November 16, 2022, are required to update their profiles according to the guideline of NOC 2021 if they have not yet received an ITA or Invitation to Apply.

The updated NOC 2021 has the following format:

  • 5-digit NOC code of Primary Occupation
  • 5-digit NOC code of Job Offer in Canada
  • 5-digit NOC code of Current Work Permit
  • 5-digit NOC code for all the Work History of the candidate
  • 5-digit NOC code for all the Work History of the spouse of the candidate

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Eligibility Criteria for PNP applicants in Express Entry

The eligibility criteria for the applicants in PNP to register their profiles in the Express Entry system are given below:

  • The candidate should have a provincial or territorial nomination that the nominating jurisdiction has authorized.
  • They must fulfill the program requirements of any of the Express Entry federal immigration programs, such as:

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Enhanced PNP and Base PNP nominations aim to welcome more immigrants to Canada. International individuals can opt for any of the ways to immigrate to Canada according to their convenience or requirements.

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Enhanced PNP vs Base PNP

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