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Posted on March 04 2022

All you need to know about UK Self Sponsorship

By  Editor
Updated October 26 2023
Introduction Many businesses have a wish to extend their business in the UK. One issue that people may face is the shutting down of the investor visa route. Now two visas will remain, and that include Innovator visa and Representative visa. Self-sponsorship Self-sponsorship is a good idea for entrepreneurs who are facing problems in immigrating to the UK. Self-sponsorship is a better option for those who have an excellent experience in their fields and want to run a business in the UK. The immigrants have to be proficient inthe English language. Entrepreneurs will have the option of keeping 100% shares with themselves. *Need coaching to ace your scores in English Language tests, Y-Axis is there to assist. 

How does self-sponsorship work?

There are three stages in this process, and we will discuss each of them in detail.
  • Stage 1
This is a stage in which an entrepreneur has to establish his company in the UK. After the establishment, he has to go for a sponsor licence through which a businessman can sponsor overseas worker through a Skilled Worker visa.This skilled worker can work with the businessman. People from abroad have the right to open any business and set up companies, but they need to do it with the help of a registered accountant. They have to do so because of certain conditions that they have to follow.
  • Stage 2
Inthis stage, the business has to applyfor a Skilled Worker sponsor licence to the UK Home Office.The company needs to fulfill certain requirements so that it can become successful in the UK. An example can be taken up of policies and procedures which must be in place. That is the reason a UK legal expert has to be consulted to fulfill all the requirements.
  • Stage 3
Afterthe establishment of the company and getting a sponsor licence, the businessman has to employ himself in his own company. He can do so with the help of skilled worker visa and the job offer. The eligibility for the Skilled Worker visa is proficiency in English language level of education and salary. The fulfillment of all the requirements will help the businessman to work in his company and enjoy the economy of the UK. *Check your eligibility to UK, through UK Immigration Points Calculator.


If a person has to set up his business in the UK, he has the option of self-sponsorship. He can establish his company and self-sponsor himself through Skilled Worker visa. He must meet the criteria of the visa so that he can work and get reasonable remuneration through the booming economy of the UK. Are you planning to work in the UK? Contact with Y-Axis, a leading migration consultant agency in Australia. If you find this blog interesting, you may also like to read... How long will it take to process your visa to US, UK & Schengen?


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