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Posted on February 28 2022

How long will it take to process your visa to US, UK & Schengen?

By  Editor
Updated October 16 2023

The people of Australia come under the Visa Waiver Program of United States. This program permits the Australians to visit the United States for business and tourism purposes. Australians do not need a visitor visa to come to the USA.

They just have to apply for ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The ESTA process is simple and quick. If a migrant is not eligible in the Visa Waiver Program or ESTA, he has to apply for a USA visa in Australia.

Checklist to apply for the US visa in Australia

  • Know about the type of visa
  • Check the place from where you can apply for the US visa in Australia
  • Fill up the online vis form
  • Machine-readable visa fee should be paid
  • Get the requirements for the US visa in Australia
  • US Visa appointment should be scheduled, and an interview has to be given in Australia

The time taken for a visa application lies between a few weeks to a few months. The time depends on the type of visa that an immigrant has applied for.

For migrating to the USA from Australia, Contact Y-Axis, the leading Migration Consulting company in Australia.

Visa processing time for the the UK from Australia

Applications for visa take around 15 business days to process. During peak times, the processing of the application may take longer. The immigrants have to apply for the visa six months before traveling to the UK. If there is an urgency, the application has to be sent 15 days before the travel date.

Waiting time for applications to the UK

After submitting the visa application, the waiting period starts after going through either of the following processes.

Process 1

  • Attend the appointment
  • Provide fingerprints
  • Provide a photograph

Process 2

  • Use UK Immigration: ID check app for the verification of the identity of the immigrants

The waiting time will end after immigrants receive an email which contains the decision regarding the application.

For migrating to the UK from Australia, Y-Axis, is here to guide and counsel you in all the possible ways.

Visa processing time to Schengen from Australia

Factors to be considered

Here are the things which an applicant has to do for processing visa to go from Australia to Schengen.

  • Submit the passport issued within the last ten years. An applicant can also use other travel requirements to go to Schengen. At least two pages of the passport should be blank.
  • Visa application form should be completely filled and signed. The requirements of all the persons traveling with an immigrant should be submitted. If there is a child under 18, his requirements have to be signed by the parents.
  • A photo has to be submitted with the application., The photo can either be clicked at the visa application center, or the applicant has to click the picture himself and submit it. Fingerprints are taken at the time of submission of the application. The validity of these fingerprints is up to 59 months.

*Check your eligibility: You can check your eligibility to Canada, Quebec, UK, Germany and Australia through Y-Axis Immigration Points Calculator.

Visa processing time

The applicants will get the information within 15 days whether their application is approved or rejected.

For migrating to Schengen countries from Australia, Contact Y-Axis, the leading Migration Consulting company in Australia.

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