Settle In The UK As A Business Representative

Establish yourself in the UK through your business as a Sole Representative. A permit to this effect allows representatives and employees to settle in the UK with their families. This is a great option for entrepreneurs, HNIs and business executives looking to permanently settle and access the advantages of doing business in the UK. Y-Axis can help you navigate UK immigration and make the best case for your permanent residency.

Details of UK Sole Representative Program

The program allows entrepreneurs, investors, HNIs and business persons to stay in the UK. It’s one of the best routes to permanent residency. It’s potentially citizenship.

Key details of the program are as follows:

  • Stay in the UK for up to 3 years and extend by another 2 years
  • Apply for permanent residency after 5 years spent in the UK
  • Settle with family in the UK
  • Work full time for your employer
  • Avail education and healthcare benefits
  • Avail taxation benefits
How Y-Axis Helps You?

Y-Axis has decades of experience in international immigration consultancy. Our process helps entrepreneurs and HNIs make the right decisions and helps them go through their immigration process. We assist you with:

  • Creating checklist of records of information
  • Assistance to complete application processing
  • Help with forms, records, and filing application
  • Providing immigration and process updates and doing follow up
  • Supporting in relocation and help post-landing in UK
What does a Sole Representative program in the UK?

It’s a program to help a senior employee of an overseas business interested to arrive in the UK to set up and run a branch of business in the UK or fully-owned subsidiary of the overseas business.

How to apply for a permit under UK Sole Representative program?

First, you have to confirm that your business is qualified for being set up in the UK. Then, it must be confirmed that the selected applicant for the permit is eligible to represent the organization in the UK. This is according to the immigration system in the UK.

You must collate all the required records of information before submitting the application for the permit. This is to ensure a timely and successful application.

What’s the processing time for a permit for UK sole representative?
  • 90% of the applications for non-settlement are decided within 3 weeks
  • 98% of them are decided within 6 weeks
  • 100% of them are decided with 12 weeks of the date of application
How can the permit be extended?

You may file an application for extension of your permit if you fulfil the eligibility requirements. This is for extending your stay in the UK. It’s crucial that the application for extension is submitted prior to the expiry of the current permit. The maximum extension approved for this permit is 2 years.

The application for extension must be submitted online. The supporting records of information for the operations and activities of the UK branch must be offered in the application.

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