Work overseas in the best country to land a job in, work in Canada

Work overseas in the best country to land a job in, work in Canada

If you are in Australia on a work visa, we know how important it was for you to choose a country that was promising enough to help you build a career. It’s in fact an investment of time and effort to reach a prospective country where you can find highly rewarding work opportunities. This could come along with the chance to become a permanent resident in that country.

Of the highly regarded world nations most preferred to work overseas, Canada stands tall. This country exhibits unique characteristics and has scripted unique achievements.

Here, we will take a look at this awesome nation that’s famed for being extremely immigrant-friendly.

Why Canada attracts professionals worldwide?

Canada needs skilled individuals in tens of thousands to work in Canada. They are active in the efforts to attract youngsters to explore the advantages of settling in Canada and working in the country. These candidates contribute their skills and abilities to the development of Canadian provinces.

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There are many reasons for international professionals to choose Canada to land a job. Here are a few of them:

  • Canada already has an expat population that has tasted success in their life after arriving in Canada. In fact, one-fifth of Canada’s population comprises foreign nationals who are staying in the country on work visas and as immigrants. And yet, Canada is welcoming even more people to the country!
  • Immigration to Canada doesn’t absolutely require a job offer in Canada. You can arrive in Canada as a student, obtain graduation and apply for a work visa. The experience you gain in a couple of years in Canada can add to your score along with scores for education and other factors. These will contribute to your chances of Canada immigration.
  • If you are already a skilled worker, you will be absorbed into the population of immigrants in Canada faster through the Express Entry This system ensures that you receive a Canada PR visa within 6 months.
  • It takes just 5 years being a Canada PR to become eligible for Canadian citizenship provided other criteria are met. So, if you are determined enough, you can be a citizen within a few years.
  • There are many types of visa pathways offered by Canada at the federal and provincial levels for eligible immigration candidates to move to Canada. The number of pathways perhaps is the highest among other world nations. There are over 80 economic class immigration pathways on offer to skilled workers including Express Entry, TFWP, and PNP.
  • The job openings in in-demand sectors as the following are expected to only increase exponentially by 2022:
    • IT
    • Healthcare
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Social service
    • Legal
  • Moreover, Canada has done a very impressive job in ensuring that the immigration process is active while COVID-19 prevention was never compromised. In fact, while world nations were shying from letting immigrants in, Canada increased its immigrant target quite high. In just 2021, the country intends to invite 401,000 newcomers and by 2023, 1.2 million newcomers.

Canada has excelled in immigration and stood above the US. If you want to learn more about landing a job in Canada and how to migrate to Canada, contact Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company. Click here to connect with us.

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

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