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Posted on December 22 2022

Wages rose by 7.5 percent in Q3 of 2022, says Canada job vacancy report

By Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights: Raise in wages found in Canada job vacancy report on Q3 of 2022

  • The Canada job vacancy report for Q3 of 2022, is out.
  • The Report shares its finding that there are close to a million job vacancies existing in Canada.
  • An increase in wages is one of the major steps taken by Canada to attract skilled foreign workers.

There’s no denying that Canada has a large number of jobs vacant, and employers in the country are desperately seeking skilled foreign workers to fill them. The Canada job vacancy Report for Q3 of 2022 reveals more details on this aspect of the Canadian economy. It gives a true picture of the situation on the ground and what solutions the Canadian government has introduced to solve issues.

It all starts with the close to one million job vacancies that are open as per the Report on Q3 of 2022. In exact numbers, it’s 959,600. This number appears to be large, and it is. But compared to the 993,200 job vacancies at the beginning of 2022, this number indicates that the situation is bettering for Canada.

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The major concern of the Canadian government was what steps were to be taken to solve the rising job vacancies and the dearth of skilled workers. Among the few effective solutions that touched majorly on immigration, a hike in salary was a major one. It drew a significant number of foreign professionals to Canada.

Compared to Q3 of 2021, in the same quarter in 2022, the average hourly wage has increased to CAD24.20 (+7.5 percent).

It’s interesting to glance at the occupation categories in which higher wages were given to attract more skilled foreign workers. Here's how it looks for a few major occupation categories:

Occupation categories

Avg. Hourly wage (in CAD) Rate of increase (in percentage)
Middle management in transportation, trades, utilities, and production 41.40


Assisting occupations that support health services

22.45 10.7
Assemblers in manufacturing 20.05


Operators of processing & manufacturing machines and related workers in production



All workers in Canada had a rise in average hourly wages by 5.3 percent in Q3 of 2022.

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Coming back to job vacancies, do you want to know which industrial sectors had a high number of job vacancies in Canada in Q3 of 2022? We will share the information with you below. But first, consider using Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator to figure out how eligible you are to immigrate to Canada.

Industry sector

Number of job vacancies in Q3 of 2022
Healthcare & Social Assistance


Accommodation & Food Services



Professional Scientific & Technical Services


Now let’s check out which provinces had the highest job vacancies in Q3 of 2022.


Number of job vacancies in Canada



British Columbia






Nova Scotia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Labrador


Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories





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