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Posted on December 08 2022

Highly qualified skilled immigrants made Canada as top G7 country

By  Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights of Highly-qualified skilled immigrants made Canada a top G7 country

  • Canada becomes one of the top G7 countries with highly qualified and skilled immigrants
  • G7 countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the USA
  • Canada contains the largest share of international students in universities or colleges compared to other G7 countries
  • The highly educated workforce of Canada continues in helping the economic growth of Canada
  • The applicants with high CRS points on a points-based system for higher levels of education
  • The highest CRS points are given for Canadian work experience and international students who gain experience through PGWP

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Canada is the most educated country with highly qualified immigrants

Canada is considered one of the top G7 countries with the most highly educated and skilled immigrants compared to the other 6 countries. The G7 countries are the US, the UK, Japan, Italy, Germany, and France including the non-enumerated member, European Union (EU).

Canada possesses the largest share of the student immigrant population in the university or college credential compared to other G7 countries. This share is continuously growing with the inflow of young adults completing degrees and becoming highly educated immigrants.

The highly educated & skilled workforce is adding up to Canada’s economic growth. As the most of current Canadian population is near retirement age.

Canada is facing a severe labor crunch with record-low unemployment, high employment, and record-level job vacancies. By inviting highly educated skilled immigrants to the country, filling up the job vacancies can state that Canada has sufficient trained and skilled workers.

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Canadian businesses are hurting due to manpower shortages

Points-based CRS provides more value to immigrants who have more education

Canada ranks highly educated individuals whose profiles on the Express Entry pool with the maximum number of points using CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), who are immigrating to the country with various immigration programs. The high-ranked applicants receive ITAs for Canada permanent residence.

Applicants are provided with high CRS points for a higher level of education. This makes a lot of difference in obtaining an ITA or missing it. This means that one can obtain the highest points based on the amount of education.

*For more information click here

Points-based CRS gives high value to Canadian work experience

The CRS system gives points for work experience in Canada.

An international student at a Canadian college or university can apply for PR with the necessary work experience only through a study permit.

International students in Canada who immigrate here with a study permit and apply for work with a Post Graduate work permit (PGWP) after graduation to gain Canadian work experience.

*Need assistance to apply for Canadian PR visa? Get professional guidance from Y-Axis Canada overseas immigration expert

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CRS score drops below 500 for the first time in 2 years 

A guide to determining CRS score under Canada Express Entry in 2022

Immigrants whose 5-year university degrees have made good growth in gaining work

With Canadian work experience, the immigrants can obtain an additional 70-80 points based on the immigration of application along with a spouse/common-law partner or not.

Extra English/ French language skills give extra CTS points to the candidate. Foreign students who graduated in Canada and chose solid language skills will be given priority

Increase in working-age apprenticeship

Canada experienced a 19.1% increase in the working-age population who have enrolled in apprenticeships. For some of the trade fields, the apprenticeship in the working-age population is stagnated. Immigrants are the 50% of Canadians with Bachelor's degrees or higher. Do you have a dream to migrate to Canada? Talk to World’s no.1 Y-Axis Canada overseas migration consultant.

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