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Posted on December 06 2022

400,000 new jobs in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada! Apply right now!

By  Editor
Updated November 01 2023

Highlights of 40,000 new jobs in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Job vacancies for almost all sectors are up by 3.8% in September month and around 994,800 vacant positions are yet to be filled in Canada.
  • Most vacancies are vacant in the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan.
  • Canada has a 25% increase in vacant jobs in the Health care and Social Assistance sector every year.
  • The vacancy in jobs rate is 5.5% and is continuing to increase for the Retail trade sector.
  • The Professional Scientific and Technical services sector has an increasing 5% job vacancy rate and has an ongoing demand for workers.
  • The Payroll employment is been maximized by 0.5% for Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec in September for almost all sectors.

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Canada's unemployment rate decreased and vacancies persist at high

According to the latest report of Canada, the empty jobs and the payroll employment remain the same, whereas unemployment is been declining since September. Almost for most of the sectors the job vacancies raised by 3.8% in September.

Around 994,800 vacant jobs are persisting in Canada. Most of the jobs happen to be in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The overall job vacancy rate is maximized to 5.7%, which indicates a there are employee shortages that are yet to be filled.

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Sectors that have the highest job vacancies

What is a vacant job?

According to Statistics Canada:

  • If a specific job exists at present
  • If the work for this job can be started within 30 days and
  • The employer has been searching for workers actively from outside the company to take up the vacant job.

Based on Statistics Canada, few sectors continually have recorded high vacancies in jobs. They are:

Sector name Vacant positions in September Percentage of increase in number of jobs (or) Job vacancy rate Miscellaneous information
Health care and social assistance 159500 vacant jobs (record high jobs than August) 25% increase by every year Canada plans to provide PR in this field as it has a high demand for Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons, etc.
Accommodation, and food services 152,400 vacant jobs 12% increase from August Canada has been experiencing continuous vacant positions in this field and has severe shortages.
Retail trade 117,300 vacant positions 5.5% job vacancy rate on a national average Retail Sectors have a continued need for a workforce
Professional scientific and technical services 61,900 job vacancies The job vacancy rate is 5% on a national average This sector has been in a need of workers continually for the last few months. The sector encompasses professions like accounting, architectural and engineering, computer system design, legal services, public services , management consulting, etc
Manufacturing 76,000 job vacancies The decline in job vacancies The decrease in job vacancies is tied strongly to the contraction of the industry due to many factors like RGDP etc.

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Canadian businesses are hurting due to manpower shortages 

How to update your Canada Express Entry Profile as per new TEER/NOC Code?Increase in Payroll employment

Payroll employment can be defined as the number of workforce or employees who are receiving payment or benefits from their company or employer.

The increase in payroll employment depends on various factors like recruiting old vacant job positions etc.

Payroll employment usually can be considered as a singular marker for the good health of the industry, business, or even the economy,

It is observed that payroll employment has increased by 0.5% in September 2022. Where the largest shares have been taken by British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

The sectors that have seen a boost in employment were:

Sectors Employees
Healthcare and social assistance + 20,700 employees
Accommodation and food services + 8,400 employees
Retail Trade + 8,200 employees

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Canada starts targeting draws for Doctors and Nurses from 2023

Canada faces a record number of job vacancies

Canada has been registering an acute shortage in various sectors. The country has been relaxing the immigration rules for immigrants so that they could take up economic immigration.

Skilled foreign workers can immigrate through the following economic immigration pathways

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Jobs in Ontario and Saskatchewan

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