Top 3 destinations for moving overseas post-COVID

Top 3 destinations for moving overseas post-COVID

Looking for the best countries for migrating overseas after the COVID scare is finally over? We know what you are looking for and keeping your best interest in mind, we will suggest to you 3 countries we think is best for you to move to in the days to come.

We chose these countries for how they kept immigration and job prospects up even when the pandemic was affecting life all across the world. These are countries that are economically powerful and have an impact on the world that has very few parallels.

So, when it comes to moving overseas, these are the countries we consider the best:


Who won’t expect Canada to be on the list of top 3 countries for immigration? Canada has been welcoming immigrants even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of Canada has been successful in balancing the trends of essential immigration and ensuring the safety of the people through appropriate preventive measures.

The country is a true melting pot of multicultural demography. People from around 40 countries have contributed to the immigrant population in Canada. The schools and colleges of Canada have close to a third of its population filled by migrants.

The best part about Canada is its variety of pathways that enable even students and temporary visa holders to apply for the status of permanent resident Canada offers.

The country even opened its borders lately allowing those with approved Canada PR visas to enter the country. The Express Entry visa is still one of the fastest immigration processes known to the world. It takes under 6 months to move to Canada as an immigrant.

And you won’t be alone. Canada is aiming at huge numbers of new immigrants to arrive in the country. In 2021 Canada is aiming to welcome 401,000 new immigrants. This becomes 411,000 in 2022 and by 2023, the country is ready to welcome 1.2 million immigrants.


Australia is a happening country. The country scores high on physical and mental wellbeing and for a high quality of life. The country surely can boast of a low crime rate and living costs are affordable. Moreover, the country is the hotbed of opportunities for those who are into jobs in the field of technology.

The country also provides free healthcare that is known for its high quality. The natural beauty and numerous activities to go for will give you the perfect excuse to be in Australia.

The visa process takes up to 8 months, but it’s worth the wait. Once you become a permanent resident in Australia, you can sponsor your eligible relatives to migrate to Australia.


Germany is the land of the industrious and a hub of innovation. So, if you are planning to move to Europe you are welcome to Germany!

Germany has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic impressively. Germany is still a great place for highly-skilled foreign workers to aspire to move to for the sheer number of opportunities the country presents.

Germany’s immigration rules had an update in 2020. The country needed more skilled people to work in essential sectors like technology and healthcare. So, migration policies have been relaxed to attract more foreigners.

Germany has a very high demand for engineers besides IT professionals. You could settle in Germany on a settlement visa that’s given to qualified candidates. The best part, you don’t need to learn German or have an IELTS ranking to move to Germany!

The world after COVID-19 will work very differently, which is why history has rightfully earned a new classification: pre-COVID and post-COVID. But it’s up to you to figure your priorities and decide which country to move to for the best future.

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