BC PNP draws invite 427 immigration candidates, offers nomination

British Columbia, PNP Draw, August 427 invitations

British Columbia went ahead with other rounds of invitations, one generic and the other specific to certain occupations. The BC PNP draws invited 427 immigration candidates in all and ensured that more skilled candidates come in to help the province develop.

Getting the right workers

British Columbia is a province that has opportunities for skilled workers in different areas. Major occupations featured in BC’s labor requirements include jobs from areas like:

  • Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Healthcare
  • Sales & Service
  • Engineering

There are recruitments happening in these and other fields in British Columbia to which foreign candidates enter through BC PNP draws.

What’s so attractive about jobs in BC?

The pathways to build a career in British Columbia lead to occupations that pay well. The average salary in British Columbia is CAD 62,000 per annum. The salaries are decided by your experience, area of work, and position.

The career paths available to immigrants in British Columbia offer features like:

  • Financially assist candidates to pay for licenses or professional training
  • Get candidates to opportunities in Canadian work experience – E.g., work-study programs in your industry
  • Give the candidate’s referrals to mentors and employers
  • Help candidates with experience and credentials assessment
  • Provide language training that’s related to the job involved
  • Help candidates to communicate with regulatory authorities
  • Help candidates with planning a career and coaching
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The August 17 draw details

Here are the details about the BC PNP draw:

Date Draw type No. of
Category Min.
Other details
August 17, 2021 Generic 363 SI – Skilled Worker 91
SI – International Graduate 78
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 73
EEBC – Skilled Worker 88
EEBC – International Graduate 76
Job-specific 64 SI – Skilled Worker 106 ITAs issued to NOCs 0631, 0621 only.
SI – International Graduate 106
EEBC – Skilled Worker 106
EEBC – International Graduate 106

About NOCs 0621 and 0631?

  • NOC 0621 is the occupation code assigned for Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers.
  • NOC 0631 is the occupation code assigned for Restaurant and Food Service Managers

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