How Sweden immigration can lead you to a better future in 2022

Sweden immigration

Besides being a country blessed with natural beauty, Sweden is also one of the safest countries in the world. Also, the country is noted for being a place of innovation. All this makes Sweden immigration a highly prospective idea to pursue.

Sweden’s current population is 10,174,126. The country’s GDP in 2022 is projected to be 661.24 billion USD.

Foreign trade is a major contributor to the Swedish economy. Here are the major industries in Sweden:

  • Iron and steel
  • Precision equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Processed foods

Sweden releases a job shortage list every year. Mostly, vacancies occur in sectors of IT, teaching, and engineering. If you are looking to build a career overseas in Sweden you should check out the list to see if your profession is in demand.

Sweden offers job openings in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Engineering

Work permit

A very healthy working condition is sure to be available for foreign workers in Sweden. Work permit Sweden issues to overseas workers are valid for 2 years and are extendable for another 2 years. After 4 years of working in Sweden under a work permit, they can submit an application for permanent residency in Sweden.

If the permit holder gets a job with a new Swedish employer within 2 years of validity, he should lodge an application for a new permit. Once the validity of the work permit is over, the permit holder can change jobs and submit an application for a permit extension.

If you are in Sweden on a work permit, you are allowed to bring your registered partner/spouse as well as children aged not more than 21 years to Sweden. You may also bring children aged above 21 years of age who have a financial dependency on you. They will have to apply for residence permits. This could be either as part of their application or lodge a fresh application.

Residence permit

Before you apply for a work visa Sweden offers, you must apply for a residence permit. This is mandatory if staying more than 3 months in Sweden is your plan.  Residence permits are granted for reasons like study, work, or family ties.

EU nationals are exempted from needing a residence permit. Also, citizens of countries having agreements with Sweden to come and stay in the country are also granted exemption from residence permits.

Resident permits are of 2 types:

  • Temporary resident permit – It’s valid for 2 years and can be made permanent in time.
  • Permanent resident permit – It’s valid for 5 years. With this permit, you can travel in and out of Sweden and stay away from Sweden for a year without any effect on the permit’s validity. To get a permanent residence permit must also have sufficient funds to support themselves and their families.

Permanent residents have the following benefits:

  • They can, for a specified time, freely live and work in Sweden.
  • They are entitled to student loans and grants.
  • They may be entitled to basic social security.
  • They are entitled to more benefits if they have the protection of a collective agreement.

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