How can you work in Finland on a Finland work visa

Finland work visa

Are you a qualified and skilled individual looking to take the next step towards a promising career? If yes, then you may want to explore your chances to work in Finland.

The purpose of a Finland work visa is met by a residence permit that allows you to live and work in the country. When you apply for a residence permit on the basis of employment, the application you are required to use depends on the nature of your work.

It’s needed to be ensured that your residence permit from Finland has the right to work. In such a case, you have no need for a separate Finland work visa.

A residence permit to work

As already said, the type of Finland’s residence permit depends on the type of work you are involved in while in Finland. Even the application form differs according to the type of work.

In the absence of a specific application for a residence permit, you have to apply for a residence permit for an employed person. Then, the Employment & Economic Development office will partially make a decision on your application.

Another major requirement to be fulfilled to apply for a Residence Permit is that you must be given an appropriate salary for your work, and must enable you to support yourself for the entire period your residence permit stays valid.

A residence permit to work will give you the right to work for a certain employer in Finland or in a particular field of work. When your residence permit is about a particular area of work, you are usually free to change jobs as long as the job is in the same area of work. If the residence permit is for you to complete a task, then you can have the liberty of changing employers but maintaining the same task profile.

When you want to change your job, you will have to apply for a new residence permit. Also, if the job you have taken the residence permit for is finished the term of the residence permit also ends. Then you will have to exit Finland unless you have lodged an application for a residence permit on a different basis.

The process of applying for a residence permit

  1. You submit the application
  2. The application gets processed
  3. Supplement or cancel your application if required
  4. Get a decision on the application and get notified
  5. Appeal a decision on the application if you aren’t approving of the decision

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