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Posted on September 24 2022

Sean Fraser revised Express Entry rules to issue Canada PR for Doctors

By  Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights: Revised Express Entry Policies for physicians in Canada

  • Canada announces new policy to issue Canada PR to Doctors.
  • The doctors should be staying in Canada as temporary residents would be eligible for this.
  • Canada received more than 8,600 applications from international professionals in the Healthcare sector.

Abstract: Canada has revised its Express Entry policies to issue Canada PR to Doctors.

The immigration minister of Canada, Sean Fraser, has announced a revision in the Express Entry system. The recent changes will facilitate doctors to be eligible to apply for Canada PR or permanent residency.

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Canada PR policies revised to boost healthcare sector

The revised policies announced by the Canadian government are aimed at boosting its healthcare sector. Doctors and other healthcare staff are in-demand in Canada, and making it easy to apply for Canada PR for Doctors. It ensure that the skilled healthcare professionals stay in Canada.


Record Immigrants with medical education to help Canada’s healthcare system: WES

Canadian public health care was based on a "fee for service". It implies that the doctors work in Canada temporarily. They were considered "self-employed", and did not qualify for the programs under the Express Entry.

The program through which interntional professionals can apply for Canada PR are:

  • FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class

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More Changes in Express Entry

Express Entry is being revised to give access to permanent residence in Canada to foreign national immigrants. Canada will begin issuing invitations to occupation-specific candidates under the Express Entry program by 2023.

CRS or  Comprehensive Ranking System used by Express Entry is being modified to focus on factors of work experience in Canada. They are also considering factors such as language skills, education, and employment offers.

Number of Healthcare Workers in Canada

In 2022, Canada received more than 8,600 applications for temporary residents and permanent residents from international professionals working in the healthcare sector.

In 2021. IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued a work permit and its extensions to more than 2,500 physicians, 620 nurses, and 550 other healthcare staff.

More than 22,400 individuals, comprising 8,600 nurses and 3,600 physicians were granted Canada PR permanent residents under the Express Entry and PNP or Provincial Nominee Program.

Since June 2022, around 4,300 permanent residents have participated in the healthcare stream of the TR2PR or Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence Pathway.

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Canada PR for Doctors

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