My journey as a Sales Manager from Australia to Canada

My Journey as a Sales Manager from India to Canada

Sales and Marketing’ has become the core team for every organization. I noticed the career graph of my maternal uncle, who settled well, working in this department with a high income. Knowing the importance of this, I just started exploring all the things related to these departments and discovered which role suits me well, assessing my skills.

After my research, I identified that Sales and Marketing Managers have a huge demand worldwide.

At first, I started my career in the sales department, and my graph has grown because of the skills I developed in my role. Later I was placed as a Sales Manager in a reputed company.

But my ultimate dream was to settle abroad, which gives me a better settlement in my life. Many benefits are there when you think about settling in abroad.

By god’s grace, I got a pretty good offer in Australia. With no doubt, I accepted the offer and migrated to the country with a temporary work visa. But after three years, because of the strict requirements for permanent residency, I could not get a PR  in Australia.

I felt discouraged. But I really thank one of my friends, who suggested migrating to Canada, is the best to excel career-wise. Canada offers easy and flexible migrant pathways. Then I discovered that many Australian citizens are busy packing up to immigrate to Canada for their personal and professional growth.

I really got astonished, and then I started searching for ways to migrate to Canada as an Australian immigrant?

While searching, I have come across many immigration companies, but at last, I found the right guide to know the complete process of immigration from Australia to Canada.

Y-Axis, the right mentor for unlocking cross-border opportunities. It has many immigrant professionals who guided me on all the right paths.

Many of my family members told me that migrating to Canada is too costly, and instead, they suggested investing the same amount in property.  But I really thought this investment will never make my career graph up. So, I strongly believed in migrating to the land with full of opportunities.

Canada is the most migrant-friendly and offers many flexible options in immigration policies. You can even migrate to Canada without a job offer.

Luckily, I discovered that one of my relatives got settled in British Columbia, Canada, and he is also in a similar field as mine. So, it has become an added advantage for me to immigrate.

From here, Y-Axis assisted me in all the ways, and I started filling the forms for Express Entry.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is introduced to break the “first come, first served”. To break all these monotonous, IRCC has introduced an Express Entry system.

Y-Axis assisted me in:

  • Eligibility Check

Y-Axis has an instant free immigration points calculator for Canada, through which I had first checked my eligibility score. I scored 72 points, where I felt the first step towards success.

  • Resume preparation

It also helped in preparing my resume for the job search in British Columbia, Canada.

  • IELTS coaching

Before opting it, Y-Axis, the top immigration organization, has shared a few links regarding the Coaching Demo Videos. These videos gave me a clear idea, and I immediately joined the batch.

IELTS is the most sought-after standardized test, where you need to score above 7 to get qualified in the express entry pool of candidates. Hence I took coaching from the IELTS professionals in Y-Axis, and I scored pretty well. This made out my profile stand out from others.

  • ECA report

Y-Axis assists you in getting the ECA (Educational credential assessment (ECA) for Express Entry) done easily.

  • Job Search

 Y-Axis has a strong network that assisted me in searching for a Sales Manager job in British Columbia by connecting with employers overseas as per niches which I preferred. Finally, I got an offer letter from a behemoth organization in British Columbia, Canada, through Y-Axis.

  • Visa Interview

Y-Axis has a proficient team that prepares you to face the interview process and return with a positive result.

Invited to Apply

You need to make a good profile to stand out from the crowd. Remember one thing, you need to note that not all the Express Entry profiles receive Invitations to Apply.

For being invited, you must be good enough. Not all Express Entry profiles are Invited to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Applying for Canada PR

After receiving the Invitation to Apply, I started completing the application with the help of Y-Axis professionals. They really taught me well in segregating all the documents required. So, I submitted my application for Canada PR, IRCC.

I could easily submit my IELTS scorecard and ECA report under the guidance of Y-Axis experts.

I also had to get my IELTS test score and ECA Report for applying for Canadian permanent residence.

In British Columbia, Canada

The processing took 6 months and I finally took a flight and stepped into Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, with so much enthusiasm.

Later, with my relative’s help, I took independent accommodation and now got adjusted to all these friendly immigration country norms, which gave a huge platform to grow my career graph.

If you are also interested in immigrating to Canada, contact Y-Axis – the right path is the Y-path, i.e., Y-Axis.

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