My journey as a Marketing professional from Sydney to Canada

My journey as a Marketing professional from Sydney to Canada (1)

Marketing was always my cup of tea. I wanted to earn a lot of money in a quick time. It was that simple.

My journey – from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, B.C. in Canada

To cut a long story short, I was eking out my living in Sydney, where I had shifted from Hyderabad, India.

All my focus as a new entrant in marketing was to focus only on the profits, and it would take care of the rest.

Though I began as an offline marketer, I was drawn into Digital Marketing. Most of my friends told me that it was the in-thing.

Digital Marketing Manager

I began my journey online in all earnest, trying to understand how people globally use the internet. I was introduced to certain nifty tools, and being a Digital Marketing Manager was so much fun.

Creating potent marketing strategies for my company was a challenging task. My major goal was to exploit all the available online channels to divert the maximum possible traffic to our website.

The focus was both on organic and inorganic search, paid as well as free.

I began enjoying developing online sales campaigns. It felt fruitful when all our team’s hard work paid off with the right users finding their way to our website.

Experience speaks

Settling in Canada always appealed to me. I could do it if I garnered enough work experience.

I seriously thought of migrating to Canada after gaining four years of experience working as a Digital Marketing Manager. Then I began reaching out to people who had harrowing experiences but managed to reach their goals nonetheless.

Looking out 

These people, too, had recently relocated to Canada. I asked them the best routes to land me the brightest chances of getting permanent residence in Canada.

I also enquired if it was better to apply on my own or if it was preferable to seek the help of professionals to get around the paperwork for Canada PR. Frankly, I was clueless. Most suggested that I take the help of professional consultants. And there were so many newspaper ads and online advertisements that ‘guaranteed’ visas.

Finding a job in Canada from Australia 

I discovered that my dreams could only be realized if I did enough research. I browsed through the Canadian government’s Jobs Bank website to get enough information to know the ins and outs of the country’s labor market. There is a lot of information on trends, salary, and the provinces where certain jobs are in-demand.

As making it to Canada was my dream, and no one I knew had settled in Canada, I didn’t target any particular region in Canada.

To find the right job in Canada online, I used Y-Axis Jobs. I also sought their help in making my resume professional to meet global standards.

The Y-Axis Resume Writing Service started working on my profile and discussed my expectations while preparing my resume. They did a good job.

After that, I applied online. As the worst of the pandemic situation across the world was not as severe as in 2020, employers in Canada began working vigorously to plug their workforce gaps.

I applied for five different jobs. After I submitted my application, Y-Axis Jobs offered up to 10 foreign job applications on their portal for free. If you had to apply for more, you needed to take premium membership.

Express Entry

No sooner had I had got a compelling job offer from a verified Canadian employer applying for Express Entry became my next priority. I completed this too.

I submitted an Expression of Interest (EoI) to different Canadian provinces so that they could consider me to receive a nomination under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which is an assurance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

My educational credential assessment (ECA) and language-testing by IELTS were done and dusted by July 2021.

Even during the lockdown in Canada and Australia, they prepared Express Entry profiles and continued with the processing.

Applying to FSWP

 There are three programs under the Express Entry system. Like most applicants from Australia like me, I applied through the Express Entry system’s Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is for those having a skill in a profession that would help them settle in Canada with their family members.

Another program of Express Entry is the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which allows individuals who have worked in Canada for a minimum of one year to settle there permanently. They could gain this experience while studying in Canada as an overseas student or temporary worker. But I could apply only for the FSWP program, which is for skilled migrants.

While preparing my Express Entry profile, I was not aware that an overseas individual could not apply directly for permanent residence in Canada. All that an applicant could do was prepare their Express Entry profile and wait for an ITA from the government of Canada.

Not all profiles that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) receive are granted an ITA. Only the profiles that scored the highest in the Express Entry pool are invited to its draws that the federal government of Canada holds periodically.

Immigration processing for Canada is simple and open. Explore the IRCC website thoroughly. They provide comprehensive information which is regularly updated. You could drop them a mail if you need any clarification.

Holding of Express Entry draws 

After the CEC and PNP candidates were issued ITAs to apply for Canada PR, its government began holding all-program draws from July.

The Canadian government sent me an ITA for the Express Entry draw held in the first week of July 2021. I managed to submit my complete application for Canadian permanent residence soon. Despite all the effort I had put in, IRCC sought additional documentation.

IRCC completed the processing of my application. Only a few months ago, I received my Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

In Canada

Finally, I realized my dream of leading a life in Canada in British Columbia’s premier city. I am working with an e-commerce company as a Digital Marketing Manager. I am happy with my pay.

There may be some sob stories of a few immigrants not making it in Canada. I can say that if you have adequate educational qualifications along with minimum work experience, immigrants can land jobs in Canada.

Why Canada is appealing 

With the US restricting immigration, more skilled workers will opt for Canada instead. I hear that Germany also is an attractive place to work in. I would have tried it out had I learned German.

It offers a quality lifestyle, healthcare options, top-class educational facilities, and when English is the language of communication, what more can you ask for.


Canada’s Express Entry is definitely one of the quickest means to get Canadian immigration.

I wish all reading this post all the best. Follow my Sydney to Vancouver. You won’t regret it at all.

Canada PR pathways include Express Entry, Quebec Selected Workers Program, Provincial Nominee Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

Entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals can apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, or investors.

Need assistance to work in Canada? Talk to Y-Axis, the leading overseas career consultant in Australia.

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