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Posted on March 17 2022

My journey as a Software Developer from Australia to Canada

By Editor
Updated November 14 2023

Hi! I am Robert. Let me share with you my story of migrating to work in Canada to join as a software developer in a prestigious Canadian company. I got my job and I migrated to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada immigration had actually not occurred to me as a plan if I hadn’t come under the pressure of losing my job as my employer in Australia had to lay us off due to COVID-related issues. I had come back home from where I got to know that I was among the unfortunate employees to get laid off. It was then that I came across comments from my colleagues that they were thinking of grabbing the first opportunity to work in Canada. It was a surprise for me that an overseas opportunity from Canada was so possible even while the world was facing the hardships of a dwindling economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to be sure that this was for real. For the first time, I checked out the prospects of immigration and especially immigration to Canada. I already knew that many of my country’s citizens were enthusiastically migrating to Canada for studies and jobs even before the pandemic. But I personally didn’t take much interest because I was already in a well-paid job and life was smooth. That was when Canada immigration caught my eye and I figured out why migration to Canada was such a big trend! For the best part, Canada had been vigorously keeping its doors of opportunities open for skilled software professionals like me. Guys like me were much in demand there, even during the pandemic. Only if I had earlier skimmed through the number of opportunities that were open in Canada! In fact, Canada had made it easier during the pandemic for would-be immigrants to register for immigration and ensure a safe and assured passage for selected candidates to Canada during the pandemic. Canada’s federal government was giving concessions and granting relaxations to applicants opting to apply through the Express Entry channel of the IRCC. At a point not very later after exploring the possibilities of Canada immigration and career opportunities for software professionals like me, I created an Express Entry profile. I had decided to move to Canada where software developers had a great chance to make a strong pitch and bright future. It was when I wanted to get my Canada visa application right at the first attempt that I approached a reputed professional agency called Y-Axis. Y-Axis gave me a counselling session in which I quickly learned all about the scope and significance of Canada immigration as a process and a big step for the future. To my delight, the counseling session was free. But I was definitely bowled over by the transparency they showed and the enthusiasm they filled in me, assuring that they will guide me through every step of the immigration process and provide all necessary assistance including job search in Canada. I was glad that Y-Axis understood my concerns and my eagerness to understand how realistic is a bright career in Canada for me. They just counseled me like my closest friend would and instilled a lot of trust in me. My confidence in making it successfully to Canada increased when I got a job in a reputed company in British Columbia. They were really glad to have found a professional of my experience and caliber with overseas experience. Y-Axis had already suggested to me that it would be best for me to go for PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) route to immigrate to Canada. The chances for success were even better that way. And I loved the idea of settling in British Columbia as a permanent resident in Canada holding a Canada PR visa. *Know your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator. I had initially chosen to be ready to immigrate to any province when I made my Express Entry profile first. But after I met my consultant at Y-Axis, looking at my profile, he suggested that I apply only for 2 provinces, one of which was British Columbia. He was confident that a person with my caliber will make it in one of these provinces where software developers were in huge demand. In those times in 2020, it was in fact hard to enter Canada as an outsider residing outside of Canada. The country was focused on converting the already existing eligible temporary visa holders there to permanent residents. Luckily, I got through a comparatively narrow opportunity, thanks to the guidance and diligence of Y-Axis in helping me grab the chance on time. I got my COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) from IRCC. I was up for the opportunity of a lifetime and I was excited to arrive in Canada. Since those with COPR were not banned from traveling to Canada, I could travel to Canada. I followed the COVID protocol as instructed at the airports in both my country and Canada. A 14-day quarantine was arranged for me by my employer in a hotel. Then I started work soon. The company, people, and colleagues were all friendly and supportive. My accommodation too was arranged soon. I was even given the facility to work from home few days due to some recurring COVID-related restrictions. Today, I can surely tell you that the situation in Canada is much better and the opportunities for software professionals are much more. Check out with Y-Axis they have a presence in Australia too and will make you understand the future prospects to work in Canada which helps you to build your career. If it looks better than your present status, go for it! If you are willing to work in Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in Australia. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like: How to apply for a Canadian open work permit?  


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