Jobs outlook in the UAE for 2022 – Get ready to work in Dubai

Job outlook UAE 22

UAE has emerged as an ideal destination for jobs as it’s inviting skilled workers and investors to contribute their acumen to developing the country’s economy. It’s quite desirable to work in Dubai for the following reasons:

  • The city has reinvented itself and made itself more accessible internationally.
  • Salary is tax-free in Dubai.
  • Dubai provides an unmatched multicultural experience.
  • Dubai has the presence of many world-class multinational companies.
  • The city is highly ranked for its safety and quality of urbanization.
  • There’s great airport connectivity and many attractions including museums and convention centers.
  • The city offers a great nightlife experience along with enriched shopping and dining options.

So, if it sounds great to work in Dubai, it will help you to be equipped with some jobs outlook information for 2022. Here are some of the areas that are seeking skilled professionals from among immigrants to work in the UAE in 2022.


Trained medical professionals are going to be in high demand in 2022 even after most of the COVID-19 crisis has dissipated. Registered nurses are among the most sought-after health professionals in Dubai in 2022.

The average annual salary of a registered nurse in the UAE is AED 72,000.


Engineering job positions are probably the most available occupations in the UAE. The country needs engineers in various engineering categories like mechanical, chemical, and electrical. If you have sufficient training and experience, your chances of joining a high-paid job in engineering are high.

Here are the average annual salaries of various engineering disciplines in the UAE:

  • Electrical engineering – AED 240,000
  • Mechanical engineering – AED 231,000
  • Chemical engineering – AED 91,000

Web Development

There’s high demand for web development professionals in the UAE that will be seen in all of 2022. Skills like designing websites that are responsive and crafting UX/UI for websites will make you highly employable in the UAE.

The average annual salary of web developers in the UAE is AED 60,000.


Are you qualified and experienced as an accountant or financial analyst? Then you are in demand in the UAE. A range of enterprises and individuals are going to seek your services to make their financial position safe, strong, and promising in the future.

Here are the average annual salaries of various finance professionals in the UAE:

  • Accountant – AED 53,844
  • Financial Analyst – AED 120,000

Here are some other popular professions that and their approximate average annual salaries:

  • Surgeons – AED 380,000
  • Human Resources – AED 84,000
  • Civil Engineer – AED 72,000
  • Dentist – AED 180,000
  • Pharmacist – AED 54,000

There you are! Choose the profession you are qualified for and explore the great opportunities the UAE is offering you in 2022.

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