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Posted on November 26 2021

The reasons for Finland being the best place to work overseas

By Editor
Updated May 25 2023

A lot of people consider Europe an ideal destination when they want to move and build a career overseas. They are ready to work abroad and when they do, they have many amazing countries to choose from.

Here we introduce you to Finland and tell you why getting a Finland work permit is a great idea to start something new with.

Why work in Finland?

  • Are you interested to live and work in the happiest country in the world? Then welcome to Finland!
  • Finland is an environmentally-friendly country.
  • The social attitude of people in Finland is healthy and welcoming. The country’s among the most tolerant ones in the world. It ranks high among the top countries for freedom of speech, access to legal rights, and freedom of religion.
  • Finland actively advocates gender equality and other forms of social equality.
  • Finland is the safest country in the world. It has a population that has great trust in the police. The country has the safest banks in the world.
  • Nordic culture has so many valuable aspects to it that ought to be explored.

The basics of moving to Finland

Non-EU nationals will require a residence permit to live and work in Finland. Before you arrive in Finland, you must have applied for one.

A residence permit will be granted only if you have found a job in Finland. The resident permit you receive in Finland must enable you to work in the country. It’s the Finnish Immigration Service that decides whether you must be granted a residence permit.

You will also need a partial decision from the Employment & Economic Development Office (also known as the “TE office”).

If you are arriving in Finland for seasonal work for less than 3 months of work, you have to apply for a seasonal work visa. This can be done at a Finnish embassy. For work of over 3 months, you must apply for a seasonal work residence permit to the Finnish Immigration Service.

The experience of working in Finland

Finland leads the world in terms of flexibility of working. In fact, the country adopting the agile work hours has worked very much in favor of the work experience workers can derive from workplaces in Finland.

Here are some general characteristics of work in Finland:

  • The maximum number of working hours and their arrangement are determined based on the Working Time Act. It may otherwise be as per the provisions of collective/local agreements on the basis of the Act.
  • The general working time is 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.
  • In a period-based working arrangement, the maximum regular working time is either 80 hours in a 2-week period or 120 hours in a 3-week period.
  • The employer and employee may enter into an agreement to extend the daily working hours by 2 hours. This is however possible only if the facility is provided in the collective agreement. But in any case, working time must be kept under an average of 40 hours over a period, not more than 4 months. The weekly regular work won’t exceed 48 hours.
  • It’s possible for the employer and employee to collectively agree to follow a different working hour arrangement. In this scenario, the weekly regular time may not go beyond an average of 40 hours during a 4-month reference period. At the end of the reference period, the working hours in excess accumulated may not go beyond 60 hours. Also, the deficit hours accumulated may not go beyond 20 hours.
  • There’s also a system of working time account. Here, the work and private life get combined allowing workers to earn time offs or monetary benefits for time offs.

So, are you interested to work overseas in Finland? Are you thinking of enquiring more about obtaining a Finland work permit? If you are, then you will be discovering much better features and benefits of working in Finland.

If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest, or Migrate to Finland, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company.

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