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Posted on November 27 2021

Jobs outlook in Finland for 2022 to help you go for a Finland work visa

By  Editor
Updated October 18 2023

Finland is a wonderful country to explore and even choose to work in. But some facts and forecasts into the future will help you make smart decisive moves to move into the country on a Finland wok visa.

Let’s delve into the labor market predictions for 2022. Then we will look at some of the well-paid jobs in Finland that professionals like you can go for.

The facts about the labor market and expectations in 2022

  • The employment rate in Finland is expected to grow beyond the pre-pandemic levels in 2023, to which 2022 will act as a prelude. This will be due to the progress made in the vaccination process against the COVID-19 pandemic and the improvement achieved in the epidemiological situation.
  • Thankfully, the Finnish government has provided the necessary support to companies in the country and done the needful to preserve jobs. This has led to the labor market out of the gloom that was impending on it during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In 2021 itself, the employment rate is expected to touch 71.2%. This will improve to 71.8% in 2022.
  • There has been a decline in population during the past 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, until 2023, the population of employed people in the country won’t exceed the pre-pandemic levels.
  • The employed population in Finland is expected to touch 2,535,000 in 2023.
  • The unemployment rate in Finland is forecasted to be 7.3% (from 7.7% in 2021) in 2022. This will further reduce to 6.7% in 2023.
  • The labor force of Finland is estimated to grow by around 15,000 people in 2021, and 4,000 people in 2022.

Now, you as immigrants could contribute well to the labor market scene of Finland as it opens up to the world in 2022. The industry that largely dominates Finland's job market is manufacturing. The IT and technology industries have also come to be among the biggest contributors to the labor market. In fact, over half of the country’s exports are related to the technology industry.


Here are some of the occupations that you can join in Finland with a Finland work visa, along with their approximate average annual salaries.

  • Doctors - €145,000
  • Programmer - €44,000
  • Software Engineer - €48,000
  • Nurse - €40,000
  • Civil Engineer - €43,000
  • Mechanical Engineer - €39,000
  • UX/UI - €42,000
  • Digital marketing - €41,000

Explore your career options in Finland and go for a Finland work visa.

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