Job outlook: Norway 2022 and job offers in Norway for foreigners

Norway’s job outlook 2022 - About job offers in Norway for foreigners

There’s a lot to be discovered in Norway besides the incomparable natural beauty and vibrant culture. Norway is among the happiest countries on earth! It’s a country with a unique culture and there’s a lot of innovation and industrial activity too that creates the appeal for this European country.

Growth prospects in Norway

When you look from a country like Australia, Norway is a good comparison in terms of economic position and opportunities for work and business. People who want to explore these opportunities can find a very conducive atmosphere for career growth or business development.

Norway is a country that has, for many years, come in the top rankings of the UN Development Index. A healthy work environment, career prospects, great work-life balance, and a high degree of gender equality make Norway a promising place to consider for career development.

Job offers in Norway for foreigners are great!

Here are some more qualities of the job scene in Norway for your consideration:

  • The business sector of Norway is advanced in technological terms. They are quick to adopt new technology.
  • Innovation is a salient feature of Norwegian industries.
  • Sectors like maritime and energy deliver the most output and hence has the most employability to boast about in Norway.
  • Norway is conducive to live, work, and do business because of:
    • Safety
    • Efficient welfare systems
    • Well-regulated relationship between the employer and employees
  • There is a high level of transparency in the workplaces in Norway apart from a flat organizational structure that ensures a high level of participation from everybody in the organization.
  • A highly qualified workforce is another aspect Norway features in its organizations.

The Norwegian economy and job scene – 2021-2022

Norway has managed to wade through the COVID-19 crisis without huge economic sufferings when compared to many European countries in 2021. A decline in the economy by 0.8% in 2020 was soon overcome with a rebound by 3.9% in 2021. This is projected to touch 4% in 2022.

As the economy is picking up again, unemployment has reached 4.3% In 2021 from a 4.6% in 2020, when the pandemic had a strong grip on the country’s affairs. The projected rate of unemployment for 2022 is 4% which is expected to decrease further going forward.

Coming to jobs, as a country that is home to high-paying, knowledge-based, innovative, and industrial enterprises, the following areas of occupation are highly in demand:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Maritime
  • IT

Here are the average salaries paid in Norway for some of these occupations:

  • Healthcare – $95,107
  • Engineering – $78596
  • Finance – $80,680
  • IT – $82,146

The growth in the economy and the consequent growth in the job scene is expected to continue at a steady pace in 2022 and beyond. As a rich country and the effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic will slowly but steadily begin to work in favor of Norway as the country improves its productivity and stability. You too can share the goodies by taking the job opportunities presented by Norway in 2022 and beyond.

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