Canada immigration to get a $100 million boost for settlement services

Government of Canada invests $100 million to support newcomers

Canada is yet again proving the point that it cares the most to develop Canada immigration and attract more newcomers ashore to help the country in economic revival and development. Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister, has announced a $100 million investment over the coming 3 years. This will be made in the programs to improve the way in which new immigrants will access settlement services once they enter Canada. These services will be provided via the SDI (Service Delivery Improvement) process.

Why are settlement services so important?

The success of any immigration activity lies in the ability of the immigrant to be able to get a firm footing and the right environment to settle in the new country. That’s the basic requirement for them to succeed in the new country they will call home.

Canada immigration will never get the success it wishes for if it doesn’t enable immigrants to settle in this country successfully. Through settlement services, they will be helped to get work, find a place to live and make a fruitful life for themselves.

The SDI funding process was launched by IRCC from 2020 to 2021. 78 projects have been selected for this process. These are projects that will explore ways to better integrate immigrants into their new communities in Canada. It will also give support to the settlement sector in the course of its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many settlement services have moved online in the period marked by the pandemic situation. With SDI funding, IRCC can determine what services do newcomers require while considering the increased dependence on service delivery online.

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