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Posted on January 19 2023

IRCC announces clearance of Canada visit visa backlogs by February 2023

By  Editor
Updated October 18 2023

Highlights: Clearance of backlogs for Canada visit visa

  • IRCC aims to clear the backlog of visitor visa applications for Canada.
  • Canada is introducing a few measures to address the backlog of applications.
  • The backlogs will be processed by February 2023.
  • IRCC plans to implement a few changes in the eligibility criteria for visit visas.
  • Canada plans to reintroduce flagpoling.

Abstract: Canada plans to address the backlog of visit visa applications to boost the incoming of new businesses and international professionals.

Canada will be introducing certain measures to resolve the backlog of visit visa applications.

IRCC, or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, plans to relax eligibility criteria for close to half a million candidates for faster processing of visa applications. A few other measures will also be implemented for faster processing of pending visa applications.

The backlogs will be addressed by February 2023.

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Measures for faster processing of Canada Visit Visa

IRCC plans to implement two measures for the faster processing of the visit visa in Canada. They are:

  • It plans to process 195,000 applications simultaneously.
  • The eligibility criteria for 450,000 applicants will be relaxed.

The abovementioned actions will help in reducing the backlogs and speed up the processing of the visit visa applications.

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These measures will be implemented to make it convenient for business visitors to arrive in Canada and conduct their business operations and contribute to the Canadian economy.

The country requires the establishment of new businesses and attract skilled international professionals. The requirement of international professionals is so necessary that Canada might be reintroducing 'Flagpoling'.

What is Flagpoling?

Flagpoling is used for international individuals who are already in Canada to facilitate them to apply or renew their study or work visas. Earlier, they had to leave Canada, go to the USA, and re-enter Canada to apply for the work visa.

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Intended result of the new measures

The international individuals can conveniently convert their visit visa into a Canadian work permit without leaving the country, with quicker processing of the Canadian visit visa.

If the candidate has a visit visa to Canada, they can arrive in the country to seek employment opportunities. The faster processing of the visit visa will aid the candidates in not leaving Canada to apply for a work permit. They can apply or renew it at the borders of Canada and the USA.

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