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Posted on March 17 2022

Immigrants make up 20% of Sports Coaches in Canada

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023
Of all the professionals who immigrate to work in Canada, a significant section comprises athletes and athletic professionals like referees and coaches. They undertake Canada immigration under the federal Self-employed Program. Canada’s self-employment immigration program often fails to receive much attention. But it’s the best pathway for those who are actively into cultural activities and sports. Let’s get an idea about how sports professionals make their mark on the Canada immigration scene. As per subsection 88(1) of the IRPR (Immigration & Refugee Protection Regulations), a self-employed individual active in athletics based on their experience found relevant, with an ability and intention to be self-employed in Canada, and can make a significant contribution to the economy of Canada through their self-employment activities is identified as a self-employed athlete. As IRPR dictates, such a self-employed sports professional must have relevant experience that includes at least 2 years of experience in sports, in the period commencing 5 years before the date of application for a Canada PR visa, which comprises of (A) 2 one-year periods of experience of participating at a world-class level in athletics (B) 2 one-year periods of experience in self-employment in athletics, (C) a combination of a 1-year experience (as in (A)) and a 1-year experience (as in (B)) Valid activities for Athlete Immigration The athletic professions recognized by NOC (National Occupational Classification) system for Canada include:
  • NOC 5252 - Coaches
  • NOC 5251 - Athletes
  • NOC 5253 - Sports officials and referees
  • NOC 5254 - Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness

CRS scores for sports professionals for Canada immigration

Canada immigration applicants have to meet the 3 criteria given below for immigration as self-employed persons in athletics. In case the applicant fails to meet any of the following criteria, that applicant won’t be granted permanent residency in Canada.
  • They must meet all the requirements applicable to a self-employed applicant (i.e. intention and ability, relevant experience, and significant contribution).
  • They must score a minimum of 35 out of 100 points.
  • They shouldn’t be denied admission in Canada owing to issues of criminality, security, medical issues, or financial matters (both the applicant as well as their dependent family members)
Here’s how points are granted to Canada immigration applicants who are sports professionals:
Factor Max. Points
Education 25
Work experience 35
Age 10
English or French proficiency 24
Adaptability 6
  Those who have 5 years of experience in self-employment will get the minimum of 35 points required and won’t require points from any other category. Coming to proficiency in English and French languages, those who make a claim regarding their proficiency level must be accompanied by test results that are acceptable. Examples are CELPIP for the English language, IELTS General, and TEF for the French language. *Need coaching for proficiency in English, avail Y-Axis coaching services to ace your scores.

Contribution of sports professionals in Canada immigration

  • Immigrants make up 20% or more of all people who work in Canada in the role of sports coaches.
  • There are over 15,000 immigrants who earn their livelihood as instructors and program leaders in sports and recreational activities.

Best Canadian cities for sports professionals

The following Canadian cities are considered the best cities for sports professionals to immigrate:
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Richmond, British Columbia
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Charlottetown, PEI
  • Regina, Saskatchewan

Average salary of sports professionals in Canada

It would be motivating to learn how much average annual salary sports professionals make in Canada. Here’s how it is:
Athletes $39,000 to $101,500
Coaches $33,881 to $49,472
Sports Officials and Referees $30,479 per year to $67,041

The benefits of Canada immigration for sports professionals

Why are sports professionals choosing Canada for immigration? Here are some reasons:
  • Canada presents the best opportunities and infrastructure for sports professionals to indulge in sports like canoeing, hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding, and much more.
  • Some athletes get year-round physical check-ups for free to stay in shape and good health prior to a big game.
  • Free gym membership and training could come as perks if you work in Canada as a sports coach or professional athlete.
  • Professional sportsmen may even receive financial assistance in Canada from the government.
  • For professional athletes who are Canada PR visa holders and want to obtain citizenship in Canada, their applications for citizenship could be processed faster than others.
Canada is making career growth and high-quality life a reality for sports professionals. It’s no wonder why more sports professionals are choosing Canada for immigration. Know your eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration points calculator. If you are looking to Migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading overseas career consultant in Australia. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like: How to apply for a Canadian open work permit?


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