How to apply for a Canadian open work permit?

How to apply for a Canadian open work permit


Foreign workers can apply for open work permits, which will allow them to work in any province or territory. Foreign workers always need a work permit to work in Canada. The permit can be either related to the employer or the occupation.

Open work permits are the options for foreign workers to work anywhere. They are free to move from one place to another. LMIA is also not needed by employers to hire a foreign worker. Immigrants have various options to become eligible for a work permit. We will discuss these options in detail.

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LMIA implementation to employ foreigners to work in Canada in 2022

International Student Graduates

Most LMIA exempt work permits were sent to international student graduates who were successful in becoming eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit. After graduation, students will get the option to work in Canada for three years.

Because of the pandemic, flexibility for the eligibility criteria has been provided by IRCC. For eligibility, a student must study in a Designated Learning Institution in Canada. If the study programs are more than eight months and shorter than two years, then students going for these programs can

go for PGWP, which matches the program they have selected.

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Canada’s new PGWP terms, foreign students to benefit.

Citizens of foreign countries having reciprocal agreements

International Experience Canada has the authority to allow people from 30 countries to work in Canada. Candidates who are in the age range of 18 and 35 years will get the opportunity to become eligible for Working Holiday Visa. No job offer is needed, but candidates must be eligible for IEC. One eligibility option is to cover the expenses of about $2,500CAD.

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Spouses and Common-Law Partners

The spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens, permanent residents, international students, and temporary foreign workers also have the option to get work permits. The spouses of citizens and permanent residents can go for Spousal Open Work Permit if the application is sent through inland sponsorship.

Spouses of temporary foreign workers can also go for open work permits. But a temporary worker has to meet some criteria like the validity of his work permit should be six months. Besides this, he also has to meet one of the four conditions listed below:

  • Work experience should be under NOC skill level 0, A, or B
  • The current occupation should be accepted by Atlantic Immigration Program
  • They should have a PNP nomination
  • They should hold a Quebec Selection Certificate and work in any occupation

Proof of a genuine relationship of a spouse with an international student residing in Canada will also have the option to get a work permit.

Permanent Residency Applicants

People who have applied for permanent residency can remain in Canada by having Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP). Eligible programs under BOWP include:

BOWP helps the applicants to remain in Canada even if their temporary status has expired.


There are many options that people who want to come to Canada can apply for open work permits. With the open work permits, applicants can live and work anywhere in Canada. Spouses and common-law partners can also get work permits and work in Canada.

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