Good character to be taken more seriously in Australia

Australia’s immigration minister Alex Hawke announces character test requirement for visa

Offenses detected while making an assessment of Australian visa applications have just been made stricter. A new direction is now in force which was issued by Alex Hawke, the Immigration Minister of Australia.

His direction asks decision-makers to consider offenses found out during application assessments more seriously. He has tightened the scrutiny of the character test given as part of the application process for Australian visas. The aim of this drastic move in Australia immigration is to protect the Australian community. It will prevent the entry and stay of non-Australian citizens considered potentially risky to the safety or order of the Australian community.

Hawke has reiterated that to enjoy the privilege of being part of the Australian community one will have to take up the primary responsibility to respect everyone in the community and abide by the laws in Australia. He also stated that violence in the family and crimes against the vulnerable members of the community is intolerable.

With the new rules in place, applicants with a history of crimes like exploitation, fraud, extortion, and neglect towards vulnerable people will have to be stopped from foraying into Australia and settling down in the country.

Australia’s migrant laws make it mandatory for those who aren’t Australian citizens to be assessed for good character. The assessment is done based on a character test. If the applicant for an Australian visa doesn’t pass the test, the applicant will be denied visas.

In the case of those who already have the visa, if they fail to keep a good character, they will be stripped of the visa already granted. The new rules are here just months after Australia’s federal government announced laws for Australians who wish to sponsor their partners to stay back in the country to take a character test.

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