Get rid of the major myths about Canada immigration system

Get rid of the major myths about Canada immigration system

Canada is a global favorite when it comes to choosing a destination for immigration. The reasons are so many and they are all for the better. If you are a graduate stepping out into the world to build a career, Canada has a lot to offer. Above all, Canada immigration hasn’t slowed down even during the COVID-19 on welcoming new immigrants and has huge goals in terms of the number of newcomers.

As a qualified graduate in a chosen field of work, you may choose Canada particularly for the easier and plenty possibilities for permanent residence on offer. Although everything seems so wonderful when it comes to Canada immigration, it’s necessary that you are clear about certain facts; a clarity that will bust many myths that surround Canada immigration.

Here, we are debunking some of the myths and misunderstandings you may have about Canada immigration.

Myth 1 – You can be in Canada only if you get a job offer from Canada

It’s clearly untrue that it takes a job offer to enter Canada and become a permanent resident in Canada. You can enter Canada on anything from a visit visa to a work visa. It’s also not mandatory that you must have a job offer to apply for Canada PR. There are different pathways to Canada PR and not all of them involve you coming invited to work in a job position.

Myth 2 – Language tests are not compulsory to migrate to Canada

Please don’t fall for this fallacy. Canada mandates the criteria that immigrants must exhibit a certain level of proficiency in the official language of Canada. Though the most popular language test is IELTS, you may also choose to appear for CELPIP or TOEFL. But again, language proficiency must be proven to qualify for Canada immigration.

Myth 3 – If you moved to Canada via PNP, you cannot live anywhere except the province you were nominated to

Have no fear. It’s true that immigration candidates get nominated via Canada PNP draws to different Canadian provinces, being recruited by an employer from a particular province. But once you apply for Canada PR with your nomination in hand, and succeed, nobody will stop you from living wherever you choose to stay in Canada as a permanent resident.

Myth 4 – Any family member living in Canada can sponsor you to visit Canada

Not any of your family members in Canada can sponsor your visit to Canada. Only permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their relatives to visit the country. They can sponsor relatives under the age of 19 as well as their parents and grandparents. But they can’t sponsor their uncles/aunts to visit Canada.

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PR – Permanent Residence

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