Welcome to France: Possibilities of France immigration in 2022

Possibilities of France immigration in 2022

France, western Europe’s largest nation, has garnered an international reputation for its history, its wines, and cuisine. The country is counted amongst the first global superpowers. France has played an active part in global affairs through the centuries.

The country’s a UN Security Council member apart from being a founding member of the EU. The country is a member of the Schengen Region of the EU. This region grants the freedom to move in most parts of continental Europe.

France has a population of 65,445,703 people. The country’s projected GDP for 2022 is 3,138.87 billion USD.

Migrate to France

To stay for more than 3 months in France you must get a residence permit. The highest probability is that you come to France after you secure a job in the country before you move. French work permits are linked to requirements of residency.

There are numerous options France immigration offers for you to stay long on a France work visa. There are different eligibility requirements for different categories and types of visas. You will have to meet the requirements of your choice of visa that you are applying for.

Visa categories

French Salaried Employees Visa

If you are intending to work in France for up to a year, this is the visa to go for. You will have to submit a work contract with your French employer to apply for this visa. The visa is endorsed by the DIRECCTE.

French Work Visa for Professionals & independent workers

This France work visa category caters to professionals like lawyers, doctors, architects, notaries, bailiffs, insurance general agents, and judicial administrators who require authorization issued by the relevant professional body. If you are a professional of any of the above-mentioned types, you must make sure that you obtain the relevant authorization before you file the visa application.

French International Organization work visa

If you are working with an international organization that needs you to go on an official assignment to France, this is the visa to apply for.

Required documents

To work in France, you will need a residence permit before you obtain a work permit. The following are the documents needed to file an application for a work permit:

  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 3 months remaining after your planned stay in France ends
  • 2 passport size photos that are recent
  • Proof of funds to support your stay
  • Proof of payment of visa fees
  • Certificate of criminal records
  • Benefits to overseas workers

As an immigrant worker you will have eligibility for social security benefits on the condition that you are staying in France for over 3 months. You or your employer can file an application for your social security number. It will grant you access to France’s social security scheme. The benefits include healthcare, family allowances, and unemployment aid.

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