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Posted on October 29 2022

Germany recorded 2 million job vacancies in October, 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Highlights: 2 million job vacancies in Germany

  • Germany has 2 million job vacancies in October 2022
  • Germany is facing severe difficulties to get skilled workers for various sectors and also depending on the level of education
  • The federal government of Germany divided into three categories of skilled workers based on the demand of their qualifications
  • Craftsmen, engineering, healthcare, IT, Lawyer, Logistics, Pharmacists, Physicians, and many more are in high demand for the German workforce

Huge requirement for skilled workers in Germany

Currently, Germany has a high demand for skilled workers as it is facing difficulties in getting into different sectors based on their level of education. Especially in Sciences, healthcare, and engineering kind of important fields.

Based on the German government website, there is a demand for qualified and skilled workers but it depends on the three categories of workers.

  • Skilled professionals with a minimum of 2 years of vocational training or related qualification.
  • Specialties in crafts or technical training and
  • The experts with at least four-year university education

Categories in-detail

  1. The first category says that individuals with at least 2 years of vocational training will consider the following professions.
  • Underground work
  • Maintenance and installation of electric circuits
  • Sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology
  • Canal and tunnel construction
  • Elderly care
  • Well construction
  1. The second category which means specialists, means that individuals having technical or craftsmen ship training or a similar kind of qualification are needed and also specialists in other occupations are in-demand. The list of occupations can be shown below:
  • Supervision in underground work,
  • Plumbing,
  • Sanitary,
  • Heating and
  • Air conditioning technology.
  • Tax counseling,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Ergotherapy and
  • Speech therapy
  1. The third category is experts. Graduates with 4-year University or institution program in the following fields will be welcomed for recruitment in Germany
  • Physicians specialized in internal medicine
  • Professions in software development
  • Lawyers
  • Physicians specialized in anaesthesiology
  • Supervision, emergency medical services, management, nursing
  • Pharmacists

A recent study on the Shortage of skills in Germany

A recent study discloses that the cause of the shortage of skilled workers is mainly because the government is unable to find workers with proper qualifications suitable for the job. Apart from this, there is a steady increase in enrolling in traineeships is observed in Germany along with the economy.

The vocational training classes are open for EU nationals and also for the people from the EU who have fair chances to get into the German workforce.

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Skills that have high demand in Germany

The table depicts the occupations and skills that are in shortage and have high demand in Germany.

S.No Shortage of skills
1 Crafts
2 Technical professions or Technical specialists
3 Logistics
4 IT and Telecommunication and project management
5 Construction and skilled trades
6 Healthcare
7 Medicine
8 Social services
9 Transport
10 Traffic
11 Finance and Accounting
12 Office Management

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Germany will be launching ‘green card’ to boost workforce

Around 349,275 jobs are available for Construction and skilled trades, whereas Technical specialists have 282,941 jobs and Sales & Distribution specialists have 232,347 jobs available and are currently in demand in Germany.

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2 million jobs in Germany


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