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Posted on October 11 2021

German passport among the top ones to allow visa-free travel

By  Editor
Updated November 15 2023

Here’s the latest news about the German passport that could motivate immigrants thinking to immigrate to Germany. The German passport has received the ranking of second place in the list of the world’s most powerful passports. Now, travelers with a German passport can visit visa-free to 190 destinations.

This was revealed in a report from Henley Passport Index. The first sport on the list is held by 2 countries. So, when you count it, the German passport becomes the third most powerful passport in the world. Also, the German passport is the most powerful passport in Europe.


Here are other countries on the list:

Third place – Italy, Finland, Spain, and Luxembourg (visa-free to 189 countries)

Fourth place – Denmark and Austria (visa-free to 188 countries)

Fifth place – Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, and France (visa-free to 187 countries)

Sixth place – Switzerland and Belgium (visa-free to 186 countries)

Seventh place – Norway, Malta, Greece, Czech Republic (visa-free to 185 countries)

Ninth place – Hungary (visa-free to 183 countries)

Tenth place - Slovakia, Poland, and Lithuania (visa-free to 182 countries)

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