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Choose Germany immigration, become a German permanent resident

If you want to move to Germany, you have to proceed with Germany immigration.

To immigrate to Germany, you must apply for permanent residence in Germany. This could be the first step towards becoming a German citizen too!

You need to know about the visas Germany offers foreigners that can make you a permanent resident.

EU and non-EU nationals may apply for a German permanent residence. Non-EU nationals can apply for permanent residence permits once they have completed living in Germany for at least 5 years continuously.

However, EU nationals have no such stringent requirements to meet. EU nationals can apply for Germany immigration to become permanent residents if they have the intention to live in Germany for over 90 days/3 months.

Non-EU nationals can do Germany immigration and become permanent residents by utilizing the Golden Visa Scheme.

German Permanent Residence Permit

German Permanent Residence Permit is a type of German Residence Permit the other one being German Temporary Residence Permit. When you are a non-EU citizen, when you first arrive in Germany, you must have a German Temporary Residence Permit.

No matter what your nationality is you must live for a minimum of 5 years in Germany to apply for permanent residence in the country.

Among other individuals who can get a German Residence Permit are:

  • the spouse of the applicant
  • the minor children of the applicant
  • the parents of the applicant
  • children aged over 18, able to support themselves

So, if you are the main applicant, you can practically bring your family along with you to Germany.

How to get a German Permanent Residence Permit

General criteria

  • You must live in Germany for at least 5 years.
  • You must prove that you earn enough money to support yourself.
  • You must have a clean criminal history.
  • You must speak the German language fluently.
  • You must know the customs of Germany.

Other criteria

You can get a German Permanent Residence Permit on the basis of:

  • a work permit that allows you to live and work in Germany before you apply for permanent residency
  • an investment in a particular domain of interest that the German government acknowledges
  • a residence permit for entrepreneurs which permits foreign citizens to run their own businesses in Germany
  • a self-employment visa which permits the foreign national to act as a sole trader in Germany

Documents needed to apply for permanent residence in Germany

  • proof that you have lived in Germany for 5 years (temporary residence permit)
  • proof of a legal address you have in Germany (recent utility bill or a rental contract)
  • the criminal record and the application form issued by the authorities in Germany.
  • the registration certificate issued by the local police force upon entering Germany
  • proof of means of sustaining oneself (viz. tax returns, a rental contract, or payslips issued by the employer)

Who can’t apply for German permanent residence

  • International students arriving in Germany on a student visa
  • Foreign citizens who are in Germany for scientific purposes or for vocational training.
  • Asylum seekers who are seeking to obtain recognition as refugees and haven’t yet clarified their status.
  • Those who come to Germany for humanitarian reasons.

Start-up visa for German permanent residence

  • It was launched in 2012.
  • It allows non-EU citizens to start companies in Germany and move into the country.
  • You will have to invest a minimum of €50,000.
  • The company started in Germany must operate in innovation. Germany encourages investments in R&D.
  • This visa can be obtained by submitting a business plan with the Evaluation Committee or by accessing it via a business incubator.
  • The Start-up visa leads to a German Permanent Residence.
  • Apply for the visa directly in English or in German.

Documents needed to apply for a Start-up visa

  • an application form
  • a cover letter that provides for the funds meant to be invested in the project
  • the “No Impediment” certificate

What’s the Golden Visa scheme?

  • The golden visa is meant for foreign business people who want to do Germany immigration and obtain permanent residence in Germany.
  • Here are the requirements to apply for a Golden Visa:
    • a minimum of €500,000 has to be invested in a start-up business
    • investment in real estate is also accepted, where the property’s value is €300,000 to €500,000
    • €1 million as an investment if it’s made as a philanthropic donation
    • applicant’s minimum annual income of at least €100,000
Advantages of Germany immigration and getting a German permanent residence
  • The holders of German permanent residence permits have rights similar to those of German citizens.
  • You get the right to travel freely to all countries in the EU and Schengen area.
  • Foreign nationals applying for European long-term residence permits will be granted permanent residency automatically
  • You will get access to a market that allows a foreigner to work or even start his/her own business
  • You can get a permanent residence in Germany after 5 years, which is a feature provided by a few European countries

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get permanent residence in Germany?

The permanent residence in Germany allows the people to live and work in the country. Getting a permanent residence does not mean that people have got the German citizenship. But people can enjoy more benefits in comparison to the immigrants with temporary resident permits.

People coming from EEA or EU do not have to apply for this permit. It is so because Germany has already permitted them to live and work in the country. People of EU or EEA also have the option to EC long-term residence permit.

The citizens of the UK and other non-EU or non-EEA countries can apply for the residence permit after they have spent five years in the country. There are some situations in which candidates are allowed to apply for the permit after completing two years in Germany. This option is available for those people who have studied in Germany and continued to work in the country for more than two years.

Individuals can also apply for a permit for permanent residence if they are married to German citizens.

How can an individual stay in Germany permanently?

People having a permit for permanent residence have the option of living permanently in Germany as a permanent resident. After living in Germany for few years with permanent residence permit, can apply for German citizenship.

Can I overstay after the time of my visa is over?

No, you cannot overstay as it is considered as a legal crime. Visas are given only for a particular period and after that, you need to return to your home country. Overstaying can also lead to deportation.

How can I become eligible for a fast-track Germany Permanent Resident Permit?

You have to be in anyone of the following categories to become eligible for a quick permanent residency application:

  • A graduate from a German university, or you should be a student of a vocational school.
  • A professional with high qualifications.
  • An EU blue card holder.
  • A self-employed person.
  • Have German citizen as family member.
What benefits for permanent residents in Germany?

If you get permanent residence in Germany, you will have more rights in comparison to temporary permit holders. You can enjoy the following rights with :

  • No extension of visa is required
  • Can move anywhere in the EU/EEA countries
  • Guaranteed social benefits
  • Free education for your children
  • Eligibility for German citizenship and many more.
Is there any expiry for permanent residency in Germany?

Yes, permanent residency in Germany may expire if an individual lives outside Germany for more than six months and has not taken any permission for the same.

How can I maintain my permanent residence in Germany?

After receiving the permanent residence permit, it becomes valid for an unlimited period. The residency card is valid for five to ten years as it is related to the passport of the individual. The passport should be valid in order to maintain the German permanent residence card valid.