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Posted on January 07 2023

Cost of applying Australia PR visa in 2023

By  Editor
Updated October 09 2023

Why invest in Australia PR?

  • PR of Australia gives freedom to work and live in any territory of the country.
  • Australian PR holders can bring family members.
  • Free education for children of holders of Australian PR
  • Work and healthcare benefits for self and dependents
  • They can apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years

*Check your eligibility to Australia through Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

Australia PR Visa

The Australia PR visa facilitates international individuals to work and live in Australia for a minimum of 5 years. The holders of permanent residency can change their status to that of a citizen after 4 years of Australian work experience.

The PR visa of Australia offers the candidate to migrate to the country with their family.

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About Australia PR visa

Australian permanent residents are international individuals living in Australia with a permanent visa. They are not considered citizens of Australia but can avail of the benefits. A holder of a permanent visa can remain in Australia for an indefinite amount of time.

International individuals living in Australia through a migration program are offered the facility to freely travel for 5 years initially, which corresponds to the ongoing migration program. Until the expiry of the travel facility, the visa holder can leave or re-enter Australia multiple times. After the period expires, the visa holder is required to re-apply for the travel facility.

The holders of a PR visa of Australia who are in the country with an expired travel permit can stay in Australia indefinitely.

Australian PRs enjoy multiple rights and benefits granted to Australian citizens, such as access to subsidized education, healthcare services, and legal services. They can vote in local government elections.

PR holders of Australia are eligible to become citizens after a specific waiting period. After the waiting period of 4 years is completed, they can apply for the citizenship test and attend the ceremony to gain citizenship.

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Steps to apply

These are the steps to apply for PR in Australia.

Step 1: Checking eligibility

Step 2: Scoring the required points in the language proficiency test

Step 3: Obtaining skills assessment report authorized by SkillSelect

Step 4: Registration of Expression of Interest on Skill Select

Step 5: Be issued an Invitation to Apply

Step 6: Submitting a PR application

Step 7: Submit Character and Health certificates

Break-down of Australia PR Visa Fees

Detailed information about the Australian PR visa fees is given below:

1. Government Visa Processing Fees for Primary, Secondary, and Minor applicants

The table given below displays the government visa processing fees for the primary applicant, a secondary, and a minor applicant with the related visa subclasses.

Government Visa Processing Fees for Primary, Secondary, and Minor applicants
Visa subclass
Base application charge (primary applicant)
Additional Applicant charge Additional applicant charge
18 and over(Secondary applicant) under 18(child applicants)
Subclass 189 Visa AUD 4,240 AUD 2,120 AUD 1,060
Subclass 190 Visa AUD 4,240 AUD 2,120 AUD 1,060
Subclass 491 Visa AUD 4,240 AUD 2,120 AUD 1,060

2. Skill Assessment

Skills assessment evaluates the candidate's academic qualifications and work experience. The results are evidence that the candidate is eligible to do the tasks for the job role they are applying for. The assessments have a validity of 3 years from the date it has been issued.

If the candidate wishes to apply for General Skilled Migration Visas such as:

  • Subclass 189
  • Subclass 190
  • Or any other subclass

They are required to prove positive skills evaluation before applying for the specific visa.

The visa subclasses are direct entry for employer-sponsored visas. The skills assessment required depends on the occupation the candidate is applying for.

The table below gives the information about fees for the skills assessment:

Skill Assessment
Application type Fee (in AUD)
Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment 500
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment 530
Skills (general application) 530
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 575
Review Application 395
Appeal Application 395

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3. English Language Assessment

The candidate has to score the required points in the English language test to be qualified to apply for Australia PR. It is a primary requirement to obtain a skilled visa class for Australia. The minimum proficiency level required depends on the visa they are for.

The table given below shows the fee for different types of English proficiency tests.

English Language Assessment
English Test Minimum Result Required Cost of English language assessment (in AUD)
IELTS Achieve an overall band score of at least 5.0 with a score of a minimum of 5 in each of the test components 395
OET Achieve a score of at least ‘B’ in each of the 4 test components 587
TOEFL iBT Achieve a total score of at least 35 with a score of at least 4 in each of the listening and reading test components, and a score of at least 14 for each of the speaking and writing test components 298
PTE Academic Achieve an overall test score of a minimum of 36 with a score of at least 36 in each of the test components 349

*Ace your tests like IELTS and PTE with expert guidance in coaching services.

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4. State Sponsorship (If applicable)

The state nomination program of Australian authorities paves the pathway for skilled and qualified migrants for the skilled migration to Australia. To apply for the Australian State Nomination, the candidate must fulfill all the requirements for the visa, state nomination, and the occupation should be listed in the relevant SOL or Skilled Occupation List.

Detailed information is given in the table below.

State Sponsorship Fee
State sponsorship Fees details
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Direct Entry The fee ranges from 0 AUD to 750 AUD and is payable directly to the Regional Certification Board in the relevant region.

5. Medical Test Fees

Australia has specific policies for safety and health. All the candidates who apply for Australia PR are for the health requirement. All expenses are paid by the candidate to the healthcare professionals or the clinics that conduct the examination.

Detailed information is given in the table below.

Medical Test Fees
CAT MCQ examination fees Cost of Medical test from 1 Jan 2023
CAT MCQ examination authorization 2,920 AUD
Reissue of results 100 AUD
Verification of CAT MCQ examination results 100 AUD
Cancellation of CAT MCQ examination authorization 1,460 AUD

6. Visa Label Fees

A visa label is a component of the passport. It contains information concerning the individual's visa. To request a visa label, the candidate must have a passport and submit Form 1405 to request for a visa label and a payment form.

When candidates get an Australian visa, they will also be provided a visa grant or a visa label notification letter. It explains the conditions of the visa, such as validity and requirements for entry.

The cost for the visa label is known as VEC or Visa Evidence Charge. Australia charges 70 AUD or more on the basis of the visa and its validity.


Comprehensive information about the expenses of applying for Australia PR is given in the table below.

Cost of Australia PR Visa
Type Fee (in AUD)
Government Visa Processing Fees for Primary, Secondary and Child applicants
3757.23 for primary applicant
1876.10 for secondary applicant (if applicable)
940.54 for a minor applicant (if applicable)
Skill Assessment (may vary according to authority and occupational fees) 298.44 to 945.10
English Language Assessment 249.34
State Sponsorship (If applicable) 298.44
Medical Test Fees 29.57 to 98.55
Visa Label Fees 69.68

The total cost for Australian PR visa starts from 4703 AUD.

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