Canada, UK are top choices of international students right now

Canadian and UK visas preferred by international students has conducted a series of surveys that checks the preferences of international students regarding their destination for study abroad. The results of these surveys clearly show that students the world over mostly prefer to study in Canada and the UK. The more amusing observation was that international students who had made plans to study in Australia have chosen to change their choice to Canadian or British universities!

The survey results put the US in a lower spot when it comes to the most favorite destination for study. In January 2018, the US ruled the chart, being the topmost choice of international students for their graduation and advanced studies. From there, the USA came down to become the third on the most favorite list of international students.

At this juncture, there was a simultaneous increase in student visa applications for the UK and Canada by 3%. When this happened, the rate of enrolment crashed by 10% in US universities. Nevertheless, the US still stood above Germany and Australia in this matter.

Since 2018, with the compounded impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, interest among international students to join American universities for higher education waned. There was a significant contribution of former President Trump’s anti-immigration policies to such decline in the appeal for US institutions among international students.

International students preferred more immigrant-friendly and job-giving countries like Canada and Australia over hostile nations like the USA (under the Trump administration).

A vital factor in choosing a destination to advance studies was post-study options given by the student visa. In that regard, research has revealed that Canada has earned a leading status. This is by virtue of its immigration policies, and opportunities for getting Canada PR visas after studies. In Canada, programs like the PGWP ensures that students have the full opportunity with an open visa to find work and gain experience of work in Canada.

Canada has also taken prompt and apt steps to safeguard the rights of international students holding student visas. While restrictions on travel were imposed in Canada, students were allowed to enter the country if they have joined approved DLIs. For approval, these educational institutions including colleges and universities had to present a proper, effective COViD-19 prevention plan.

The US had made backfiring efforts to remove international students during the COVID-19 crisis while much of the classes moved online. Retracting this decision later didn’t re-kindle confidence in the minds of international students.

The UK getting the top spot as one of the most preferred destinations among international students to advance studies is due to its refinement of the Tier 4 Student Visa route. The new system gives international students a more streamlined application process for visas while simultaneously giving a pathway to apply for a work visa post-study. This is set to launch in the summer of 2021.

The UK stands firm on its commitment to attract the brightest and the best students from across the world. Such students are expected to make a valuable contribution to the growth and development of the latest post-study work visa route.

This new visa will let international students stay back in the UK for 2 years and work at any skill level. They can even change into a Skilled Worker visa in case they found a job role that suits them.

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PR – Permanent Residence

DLI – Designated Learning Institutions

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