Zero tolerance no more, Biden scores with another reform

US immigration zero tolerance policy scrapped

The Biden administration has instructed federal prosecutors via a DoJ memo issued by Monty Wilkinson, the acting US attorney general, to act on individual cases of illegal entry by migrants considering the merits of the individual cases. That’s a considerable success in US immigration affairs for Biden.

This goes against the Zero Tolerance policy that the Trump administration had imposed for any person found illegally crossing the US border. Such people were prosecuted for unlawful entry.

But now, since there’s a more considerate treatment to the issue now, Wilkinson has also expressed the need to count in factors like criminal history, the gravity of the offense, personal circumstances, and the consequences of a conviction.

The earlier Zero Tolerance policy was heavily criticized for the way it was acted out. Since children couldn’t be sent to prison with their convicted parents or family members, those minors were held in custody by the US Health & Human Services Department. They are tasked with managing unaccompanied kids at the US border.

Now, under the Biden administration, the separation of families won’t happen anymore as it happened earlier. However, the success with the scrapping of the Zero Tolerance policy couldn’t be had with pausing the deportation of parents captured crossing the US border illegally and separated from their children.

When Biden sought a 100-day deportation moratorium, the federal judge didn’t approve of it. The judge rules that the Biden administration failed to provide any reasonable, concrete justification for the same.

This has stalled Biden’s efforts to stop most of the deportations for a minimum of 100 days.

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