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Posted on October 25 2022

Canada Job trends - Optical Communication Engineers, 2023

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023

Why work in Canada as an Optical Communication Engineer?

  • Canada is one of the most popular work-abroad destinations across the world.
  • There are more than 1 million job vacancies in Canada
  • The average annual income of an Optical Communications Engineer is 109,741 CAD
  • There are huge openings for Optical Communications Engineers in Canada
  • Canada has 7 immigration pathways for Optical Communications Engineers

About Canada

Canada plans to welcome more international immigrants. It has increased its target for immigration, evident in the New Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025. Canada has issued an immigration plan and the number of candidates to be invited from 2023 to 2025 is mentioned. In the table below:
Year Immigration Levels Plan
2023 465,000 permanent residents
2024 485,000 permanent residents
2025 500,000 permanent residents
Canada aims to balance the needs of the country and honor their international obligations. It hopes to attract international skilled workers who can contribute to the economy of Canada and address the shortage in the country's workforce. The country recognizes the importance of reunification of family members and helps vulnerable populations via refugee resettlement. The primary aim is to support the economic growth of Canada through the retention of new immigrants in areas with demographic, economic, and labor concerns.

Job trends in Canada, 2023

According to Statistics Canada, the job vacancy rates in Canada have been surging upward ever since the start of 2016. The job openings are witnessing consistent growth in the sector of technology, accounting, engineering, healthcare, sales associates, and financial advisors. Some of the popular professions are:
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Administrative and Support Desk Specialists
  • Web and Software Developers
  • Skilled Trades
  • Data Scientists/Data Analysts
  • Marketing/Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Logistics/Transportation/Supply chain
  • HR/Talent/Development Leaders
Read More… 1 Million+ Jobs vacant for 150 days in Canada; Unemployment drops to record low in September Start working in Canada within 2 weeks through a GSS visa, from November 16, 2022 Canada is set to welcome 470,000 immigrants in 2022

Optical Communications Engineers, NOC 2147

Optical Communications Engineers research, design, plan, develop, evaluate, modify, and consolidate telecommunications and computer hardware and other related equipment. They are also responsible for integrating communication and information system networks, such as local as well as wide area networks, mainframe systems, wireless communication networks, fiber-optic networks, the Internet, intranets, and other data communications systems. They get employment opportunities in telecommunication and computer hardware manufacturing industries, engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing firms, IT consulting firms, educational, research, and governmental institutions, and in IT units in the private as well as public sectors. These are the following job roles an optical communications engineer can work in:
  • Fiber-optic network designer
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Hardware circuit board designer
  • Systems designer - hardware
  • Network test engineer
  • Wireless communications network engineer
  • Hardware development engineer
  • Telecommunications hardware engineer
  • Hardware technical architect

Prevailing wages of Optical Communication Engineers in Canada

The average annual income of an Optical Communication Engineer in Canada is 109,741 CAD. The highest annual income of an Optical Communication Engineer is 122,898 CAD, whereas the lowest income is 66,848 CAD.
Community/Area Average Annual Income (in CAD)
British Columbia 1,03,392
Manitoba 84,922
New Brunswick 66,432
Newfoundland and Labrador 66,432
Nova Scotia 66,432
Ontario 89,146
Quebec 88,608

Eligibility criteria for Optical Communication Engineers

The eligibility criteria for Optical Communications Engineers to work in Canada are:
  • The candidates require an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, electronics or electrical engineering, computer science, or engineering physics.
  • A post-graduate degree or doctorate in a related engineering field may be required.
  • A license authorized by a territorial or provincial body of professional engineers is required. It facilitates approval of engineering reports and drawings to practice in the role of P.Eng. Professional Engineer.
Optical Communications Engineers are eligible to register by graduating from a recognized educational program, having approximately 3 to 4 years of work experience under supervision in an engineering field, and qualifying in a professional practice examination.

Optical Communication Engineers - Number of vacancies in Canada

Currently, there are 61 job vacancies in Canada for Optical Communication Engineers. The details of job vacancies in different provinces and territories of Canada are given in the table below:
Jobs for Optical Communication Engineer
Location Available jobs
Alberta 3
British Columbia 6
Manitoba 1
New Brunswick 2
Nova Scotia 8
Ontario 15
Québec 24
Saskatchewan 2

How can Optical Communication Engineers migrate to Canada?

There 3 immigration programs available for Optical Communication Engineers and gain Canada PR. Express Entry System Express Entry is a points-based system processed online. It is designed to process immigration applications and generate immigration results quickly. It is the reason why Express Entry is the most popular immigration pathway to Canada. The system comprises 3 immigration programs. They are:
  1. Canadian Experience Class
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program

How can Y-Axis helps Optical Communication Engineers to immigrate to Canada?

For credible counseling and assistance for immigration to Canada as a Petroleum engineer, contact Y-Axis. These following services are offered by Y-Axis for the high probability of immigration to Canada: Do you want to work in Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the leading Work Abroad Consultant. If you found this blog helpful, you may want to read… New laws to protect foreign workers in Canada


Canada Job Trends – Optical Communication Engineer

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