Belgium Dependant visa

You can bring your dependents to Belgium on a Belgium dependent visa, also known as the Family Reunion visa, if you are in Belgium for employment or study and will be staying for longer than three months. The Family Reunion visa allows you to bring the following dependents into the country.

  • Your spouse or registered partner
  • Your minor children who are unmarried
  • Your adult children, who are unmarried and who are disabled
Eligibility conditions to apply for the Belgium dependent visa:

You must have a means of subsistence for yourself and your family members

You must have health insurance

You must be able to provide accommodation for your dependents

If you fulfil these conditions your dependents will be given a residence permit or the Type D visa to stay in Belgium.

Documents required

Dependents must submit the following documents with their application

  • Completed and signed visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of sponsoring family member’s residence permit and passport
  • proof of marriage or partnership
  • copy of the birth certificate of dependents
  • A medical certificate
  • Certificate as proof of no criminal convictions for dependents above the age of 18
  • Proof of having health insurance
  • Proof of residence in Belgium of the sponsor
  • Proof of employment of the employer as well as a letter from the employer
  • Letter of invitation to spouse and children (if any)
  • Pay slips of the previous six months, and bank statement of the previous six months
Conditions of the dependent visa 

Within 8 working days of your arrival in Belgium, your family members must register with the municipality where they live. The municipality issues a residence permit for a specific period of time (A-card).

The residence permit for family members is good for one year. Each year, the authorization can be renewed.

Your family members must apply for renewal with the municipality where they live 45 to 30 days before their residence permit expires.

You and your family are granted a temporary residency visa for the first five years (A-card). After 5 years, they can apply for a single permit that will last indefinitely (B-card).

Your family members can apply for EU long-term resident status after 5 years of continuous legal stay in Belgium if they have a sufficient, regular, and steady source of income as well as health insurance.

Is it possible for dependents to work in Belgium?

Most non-EU/EEA/Swiss relatives can obtain a Belgian work visa based on their own employment or their relative’s status in Belgium. The type of Belgian work visa they need, as well as any other restrictions, are determined by the type of job they obtain.

How long does it take to get a family reunion visa?

The decision on the application will be within 9 months for an individual who has authorization to remain in Belgium temporarily or forever can be expected. This process can be repeated up to two more times for three months each time, for a total processing time of 12 months.

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